25 + 2

Yesterday, my twinkie and I celebrated our 27th birthday, and it really was an amazing day! I want to first express how grateful I am to everyone who took the time to wish me a ‘happy birthday’ either by phone, text, Facebook, or a card. Every single one of them made my day so much brighter.

Sense a theme? A lot of owls, cupcakes, and turquoise – all favorites of mine!

On my birthday eve, I enjoyed my free Starbucks drink and made myself a berry smoothie topped with gingersnaps and natural candy-coated chocolates for dessert. Last day to be 26 years young…

IMG_2434 IMG_2431

Kaci and I began our day by snuggling with our fur-babies.


The puppy is Axl, my adorable pup-nephew! Kaci and her boyfriend adopted him early this year, and he is just an absolute doll. After putting ourselves together for work, we were able to snap a twin selfie.


{Aside from owls, I have adored Lucille Ball ever since I began watching ‘I Love Lucy’ when I was very young. I’ll definitely be including her on the blog! 🙂 }

Once Matt got off work, he came by to take me out to dinner.

Cheesin’ big time!

We chose to eat at Bonefish Grill and really enjoyed ourselves.

IMG_2477 IMG_2476

My step-mom introduced my to San Pellegrino, so it’s always my “special” drink. We typically try to each choose a different entree, but we both were in the mood for sea bass. Jasmine rice for me, asparagus for him, and then we split them. Win-win. Instead of a vinaigrette, I actually topped my salad with their basil pesto, and it was perfect. I recommend trying it for yourself! After we were finished, we hopped on over to Whole Foods for a small dessert.

I was really indecisive but finally chose the mini boston creme tartlet.

That put a sweet end to already rich, wonderful day. Despite not fully being excited about getting older, I have to say that with each new year, life just gets better and better. I’m so excited to experience all that is to happen as a 27 year old!

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