The Best Part of Waking Up

coffee owl

Well, there are actually two things that are the best parts of my morning: breakfast and coffee. This post will focus on coffee and all its glory. Java, cuppa Joe, morning jolt, brew – whatever you like to call it, this liquid gold is certainly the highlight of my mornings.

but first coffee
Credit given to Whitney Blake

There is something about a fresh start, a fresh cup of hot coffee that promises a good day is ahead. Whether you enjoy yours black, with a splash of cream, with steamed milk, espresso-based, or cold brew, you honestly cannot go wrong so long as you start with great beans that were carefully selected and roasted to perfection.

coffee infographic

coffee humor

I can’t resist some fun coffee humor! Thankfully for me, Knoxville has quickly become coffee central with several shops that absolutely know what they’re doing. If you’re a Knoxvillian or plan to ever travel to or through Knoxville, I wanted to share my favorite coffee shops and highlight all that they have to offer. K Brew is an absolutely fantastic coffee shop with the best cappuccino I have ever had! They are currently nestled in at the corner of N Broadway and E Glenwood Ave. where the historic Fourth and Gill Neighborhood is located. They take pride in all the drinks they make, and you are guaranteed to enjoy each and every one you order. They have always sold homemade biscotti, which are amazing. This year they also began selling NY water bagels from Hot Bagel Co. made right in Oak Ridge, TN. In addition, they rolled out a menu of bagel sandwiches that are served until 11:00 AM, and they are sure to please every taste. They are working to secure a grant that will allow them to expand, and they absolutely deserve it! They have built such a large customer base in just two short years that they need more space to accommodate Knoxville’s love for them.

K Brew2
‘The Gill’ – smoked salmon, capers, local sprouts, lemon cream cheese

K Brew

Next up is Spērō, which only just opened late last summer, and already they have proven to be exceptional in the art of coffee. They are located in West Knoxville, which is really awesome since many of the other coffee shops are located downtown. Now West Knox has a place all its own. The owners actually roast their own coffee beans in the back of the house! Talk about a fresh cup of coffee. The baristas are so sweet and always willing to make a drink to your liking. They serve locally made pastries, made by Abigail Dorothy Jones, as well as an array of unique loose leaf teas. Lastly, their decor is a perfect balance of fun and soothing. The gray walls are very warm and inviting, and the decorations always match the time of year perfectly.

cortado + a vanilla walnut scone


Blue Mason Coffeehouse opened last year as well, and they have continued to amaze me with their products. Spērō roasts coffee for them and several other businesses in our community. The atmosphere is perfect for meeting a friend for coffee and a chat, for completing a work assignment, or to simply sit and unwind. They paid attention to all the details, including an eye-catching wooden menu board. Their baked goods are made by Abigail as well, but they include biscuits, bagels, and cinnamon rolls that are to die for. The cinnamon roll is both dense and flaky, sweet and spicy. In short, it is simply heaven. Lavender mocha latte – need I say more? Blue Mason Blue Mason2 Remedy Coffee is located downtown off N Central Ave. Their café is large and spacious with some of the best decor you will ever find. It’s quirky, bright, eclectic, and welcoming. They carry locally made pastries, Dale’s Fried Pies, and biscuits from Olibea, which is located just down the street. They have a bookshelf stocked with different reading materials if you enjoy flipping through a magazine or becoming engrossed in a good book while sipping your coffee. Sink down in a chair, and I promise you won’t want to leave! You’ll wish you had a bottomless cup. Remedy Remedy2

I hope this post inspires you to either get out in your hometown and try local cafés or if in Knoxville, where to go for the best cuppa Joe!

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