Care for a spot of tea?

Alice in Wonderland

In my last post, I professed my love for coffee. I believe it unfair not to do the same for tea. In fact, I’m currently sipping on a hot mug of Earl Grey as I write this. No matter the time of year, a hot mug or iced glass of tea can be all I need to unwind and relax. I credit Matt for introducing me to it years ago, and now we enjoy it together a great deal be it in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

tea for two
‘Tea for Two’ on Valentine’s Day at Spērō, complete with my homemade gf carrot-beet cupcakes with walnut butter on top

Aside from there being nearly countless varieties, tea does have several healthful benefits. It is important to note, however, that it is not a cure for any disease/condition and should be included in an already balanced diet. That said, I would like to highlight some of the advantages to consuming this delicious beverage. The four main types of tea are: black, green, and white with high, medium, and low caffeine content, respectively. Per an article published by Real Simple, black tea contains the compounds theaflavins and thearubigins, which are antioxidants that can potentially reduce the risk of stroke. Likewise, green tea provides catechins that have been associated with a decreased cardiovascular disease risk. White tea has the least amount of caffeine while still supplying many of the same protective factors as the others.

K Brew dirty chai
K Brew makes the best dirty iced chai along with their “Sway” biscotti topped with key lime coconut glaze.

Other teas to note are oolong, flavored, and herbal. Oolong is fermented for less time than black tea, allowing it to have a certain unique, strong taste. Flavored teas have fruits, lavender, and spices added, which create an amazing drink. Earl Grey and chai have become two of my favorites, but there are so many on the market to try! Lastly, herbal tea, while not truly tea given no tea leaves are included, are a caffeine-free option for those who want something hot for sippin’ but no caffeine for zippin’. tea with studying

Tea can make a great study buddy too! Many teas taste wonderful without any sweetener, but there are certainly varieties that are best with a little honey or real sugar added. I do enjoy many of the black teas as a latte because the steamed milk gives great body and a different flavor to the drink. If you have never consumed tea, then start with simple and build from there. If you are a tea drinker but haven’t branched out much, don’t be afraid to try something new!

big cups

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