Let Freedom Ring

patriotic Mason jars
Credit: Liz Marie at http://www.lizmarieblog.com/2014/06/4th-of-july-home-decor/

Happy belated Fourth of July! Despite the weather being less than stellar, Matt and I managed to have a very wonderful weekend. It was relaxing, full of wonderful food, and the weather on Saturday was perfect for a movie day. On Friday, I began my morning with a bagel sandwich and café au lait at K Brew.

plain NY style bagel from Hot Bagel Co. topped with olive tapenade, cheddar, smoked gruyere, tomato, & pancetta

We did some afternoon shopping and later made a nice dinner together.

sautéed romaine / heirloom tomatoes / roasted Brussels sprouts with white balsamic vinegar / pan-cooked turmeric chicken with lemon & lime juice / bed of brown rice

I apologize for some of the photos having to be taken in poor lighting. Between the weather and us eating later, the circumstances were against me.

On Saturday, we slept in, which is a real treat as I seem to always wake up early when it’s just me on the weekends. I had to go with a patriotic breakfast!

patriotic bowl
Fage plain Greek yogurt topped with fresh cherries, sliced banana, blueberries, Chex Clusters, and Smucker’s pb

I baked Sticky Fingers Bakeries‘ gf original scones that Matt then used to make sausage, egg, and cheese “biscuits”, which were excellent. I had to have a bite for quality control purposes. 😉


sausage egg scones
Swaggerty’s sausage, Sargento bruschetta tastings cheese, & eggs

I finally have invested in my own pour over equipment, which I’m very excited about. I have to say I’m very pleased with how it came out on my first try!


pour over
‘Heartmender’ by Commonplace Coffeehouse with a splash of Cruze Farm milk

Matt was really in the mood for Indian, so we decided to place a take-out order for lunch from Bombay Palace. I chose Vegetable Patia while Matt selected Goa Machhi with added shrimp.


Both meals were excellent. Of course we had to take some fun photos together.

IMG_2833 IMG_2837

Later that afternoon after going on a walk, we cozied up on the couch and enjoyed two awesome movies, one starring Robert Downey, Jr. and the other with him in a small role – The Judge and Chef, respectively.


I highly recommend both! For dinner, we went quick and simple: Udi’s Sweet Potato Ravioli Skillet Meal.


We did add a side salad of romaine, roasted Brussels sprouts, cheese, and steamed vegetables.

On Sunday, I snuck out of bed a bit early to surprise Matt with a quiche. 🙂 Simple egg and milk mixture with fresh zucchini sliced on the mandoline and topped with the remainder of our Sargento cheese.

FullSizeRender-9 FullSizeRender

We served it with smoked salmon, goat cheese, capers, and fresh cherries and blueberries. We agreed that while the zucchini should’ve been cooked beforehand because of the water content, it still turned out really well. He also pointed out that we were still rockin’ the red, white, and blue. I do love a good thematic meal!

Even though the weather prevented planning any outdoor activities, I still enjoyed the holiday weekend so much. I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well!

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