Embracing Change

embrace the change

In early June, I interviewed for the position of a Renal Registered Dietitian with a very well-known and renowned healthcare company. I am very thankful and pleased to say that I was offered the job just days later! It is incredibly exciting to be moving my career into a new area of nutrition, but admittedly, I am nervous about the changes that will follow. However, I am constantly reminded just how beneficial change is for me.

unafraid of change

Many years ago, I would’ve described myself as one who was fairly resistant to any alterations in my life. I thrived on order, routine, the knowns. Then life began to throw curveball after curveball at me. I knew I had one of two choices: Either I was going to fight it, making it that much harder on myself OR I was going to embrace it as what should happen. Sometimes it’s unclear until much later on why we were asked or forced to experience change.

change dance

But then in hindsight, those reasons usually become crystal clear. In those moments we define who we are by strengthening our resilience and by emerging from it better than before.


So while I understand that there will be another learning curve to overcome, new guidelines to follow, and differing expectations from others, I know I am ready to face them. I truly am excited to see what the future holds.

embrace change

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