Throwback Thursday | Kitchen Edition


Given that it’s Thursday, I couldn’t resist doing a throwback post to share some of my favorite meals I’ve made over the years. When I developed a huge interest in cooking around 2006-2007, I started simple. From there, I began to experiment with ingredients I had never come across before as well as add nutritional twists to classic meals. There were some not-so-awesome meals in there at times, but overall, I believe my creations were quite enjoyable.

Below are just a few of my favorites. I apologize for the photo quality not being the best, but these were some of my first food photos that I took and shared. 😉 As always, I hope these spark some ideas for you all!

corned beef
homemade corned beef with potatoes, carrots, celery, cabbage, & topped with spicy mustard
dijon-dill baked flounder with parmesan / roasted potatoes / steamed Brussels sprouts & carrots
poached salmon
poached wild Atlantic salmon with a homemade pesto / sautéed greens / quinoa pilaf
quinoa muffin
carrot-coconut-quinoa-spinach muffin
stuffed mushroom
a grilled portobello mushroom cap stuffed with spinach, cream cheese & sun-dried tomatoes, drizzled with a lemon-dijon mustard sauce, all on a bed of caramelized onions
tandoori chicken
tandoori chicken / sautéed red cabbage, mushrooms, green beans, & Brussels sprouts / brown rice with a mango-cucumber-radish salsa + peanuts

🎉 Today would’ve been my mom’s 60th birthday, so I’d like to wish her the happiest of birthdays! I would love to have baked her favorite red velvet cake. 🎂

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