A Sweet Finale

Often times, dessert gets a bad rap, which is really unfortunate because it is one of life’s great pleasures. Dessert does fit into a healthy lifestyle so long as it’s accounted for. As tiresome as it may be to read so frequently by me, it honestly comes down to balancing our intake. One certainly can’t eat dessert after each meal of the day, but a sensible dessert sometime during the day is perfectly fine! For me, dessert does not have to be a big piece of cake, a slice of pie, or something incredibly decadent, although those are all great from time-to-time. 😉 A yogurt parfait with cake pieces or a small brownie is completely satisfying. I did not want this to be a lengthy post but instead, one that may give new ideas to try when wanting something sweet. My biggest message is to always enjoy the real deal – please do NOT eat sugar free anything as it’s 1) fake as it gets, 2) honestly does not taste good, so 3) you likely won’t feel satisfied. I highly encourage everyone to enjoy real food even with dessert. Just make it a priority to do so in a sensible manner.

bday dessert
Mug layered with Fage plain Greek yogurt / frozen blueberries / Libby’s pure pumpkin / Garden Lites chocolate zucchini muffin / pb
butter pecan custard from The Custard Cabin
gf s’more made with Lundberg cinnamon rice cake / caramel dark chocolate / marshmallow / gf gingersnap
I enjoyed a sour cream doughnut on National Doughnut Day from Krispy Kreme along with a delicious coffee from Spērō.
a mini cream tart with a chocolate covered strawberry from the BreadHeads {with a Jax photo bomb!}
bean blondie
gf white bean blondies studded with chocolate chips
Crown and Goose
a delicious dessert made of dates & caramel at The Crown & Goose
dessert sampler
a fun dessert sampler at Bravo! on NYE 2014, complete with a cappuccino sprinkled with cinnamon
Magpies parfait
trifle parfait made of Fage plain Greek yogurt / frozen blueberries / Magpies Bakery Crumbums – leftover cake pieces after trimming the cakes, which is such an awesome idea!
Knox Mason
Tennessee Derby Pie / Olive and Sinclair Chocolate / Jack Daniels / pecans / whipped cream from Knox Mason (sorry for poor photo quality, but the lighting was dim)
patriotic brownies
brownies / honey & vanilla-sweetened Chobani plain Greek yogurt / berries

I think Emma Stone said it best: “You’re a human being, you live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake.” Popsugar

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