Holly’s 135 – An “Eventful” Experience

FullSizeRender-10 copy 2 I always enjoy my experience at Holly’s and had really been wanting to try the newest location. They recently opened their third restaurant to include: one in West Knox, one on N. Central Ave., and now Holly’s 135 right in the middle of beautiful Downtown Knoxville, In addition to loving all of their unique menu options, I’ve especially been interested in the “Ricky Ricardo” Sammitch: Pork Confit, Rosemary Ham, Provolone, Pickles, Chipolte Butter & Spicy Brown Mustard. Considering just how much I adore all things Lucy, I knew I had to try it as soon as possible! So Kaci and I decided to meet up tonight for a twinny dinner date. IMG_2993 IMG_2994 Downtown Knoxville is so incredibly charming, and I adore all of the character the older buildings exhibit. FullSizeRender-11 FullSizeRender-12 I loved the view from our table outside – dining al fresco at its finest! For starters, we decided to nosh on their cauliflower hummus with tortilla chips and crisp fresh vegetables. FullSizeRender-13 I love the bottle used for water. I would love to have one for myself one day. 🙂 FullSizeRender-9 copy 3 I finally got to sink my teeth into that Cuban sandwich! FullSizeRender-14 Beautifully presented, complete with a generous house salad drizzled with a lemon basil dressing. Also, you can’t beat their $6 sandwich + side deal for lunch and dinner.

We certainly couldn’t leave without enjoying a dessert from Magpies Bakery. The owners of Holly’s and Magpies are related, sisters I believe! Sisters are the best! I made sure to save half my sandwich for lunch the following day so I would have room for a sweet treat. Kaci and I split a slice of the Chocolate Caramel Cake, and thankfully we have leftovers to enjoy later! FullSizeRender-15 I ordered a mug of Three Bears Coffee to sip as we sat and took in the atmosphere for a little while longer. FullSizeRender-16 After getting home, I discovered that this awesome bottle was delivered to me! As a thanks for my letter-to-the-editor, which was published in the latest issue of the Food and Nutrition Magazine, they sent me the Citrus Zinger Biggie – a water infuser with it’s own built-in juicer. I love it! {

We had such an awesome experience with the food and service, and I look forward to my next visit to Holly’s! If you are ever in Knoxville, please do yourself a favor and visit one of their locations. I ❤ Knoxville so much!

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