Weekend Shenanigans

I am proud to say that I successfully completed week one at my new job and held it together very well throughout! I can see where it can and will get overwhelming at times, but I sure am thankful to be given the chance to succeed. My mentor has been wonderful and complimentary, stating that I am a fast learner and will be a great asset to the company! On Thursday I was able to see Matt after he got off from work, which I absolutely loved. We cuddled with the newest addition to the family, Evan. Matt’s older brother found him on his and his wife’s back porch, so Matt’s dad adopted him. They named him Evan Williams (definitely wouldn’t have been my choice), so Matt has nicknamed him EW, and Kaci and I call him Oliver. The cat with many names.

An “Evan sandwich”!

When I got home, I quickly put together a simple dinner for myself.

sautéed romaine, tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted garlic / avocado / Holly’s cauliflower hummus / multigrain flax crackers + tortilla chips

On Friday, I enjoyed a locally-made donut that one of the sweet staff members brought in for everyone.

Peanut butter cream-filled donut with chocolate, peanuts, & a dollop of cream on top – so decadent but tasty!

In one week, I finished the first season of True Detective. Matt introduced me to it last Saturday, and I was hooked! It’s too bad there aren’t any more episodes. It was something I looked forward to watching every evening.

On Saturday, I had to go by K Brew to replenish my coffee stock to continue making my pour overs at home. I decided to try the Sidama Ardi by Evocation Coffee Roasters. They certainly know how to roast great coffee! FullSizeRender-9 copy 4

I decided to treat myself to a coffee plus an amazing lunch at The Breadheads.

dill cheddar scone with ham, cheddar, & farm fresh egg sandwiched in the middle


The adorable turquoise truck in the background is Vagabond – Knoxville’s mobile boutique! I scored two incredible dresses that I cannot wait to wear! The owner is so sweet and personable.

That evening, I enjoyed the last of the cake from Holly’s with a scoop of ice cream, a mug of coffee, and some coloring.

IMG_3023 IMG_3034

One of my friends showed me this vintage designs coloring book, and I knew I had to buy one. It really is an awesome activity, even at 27 years young. 😉

On Sunday I was able to try paddle boarding for the first time and loved it! I really need to get out more times this summer. I am proud to say I didn’t fall either.

FullSizeRender-10 FullSizeRender-11

We had to postpone meeting up until later in the afternoon due to the weather, so I took that extra time to finish some chores around the apartment.


Mason is so funny and absolutely loves cuddling. He crawled up on my back and just laid there like a goober.

I was able to join Kaci and Drew at his parents’ for dinner. His mom made amazing faijitas, complete with all the toppings.


For dessert, we had brownies and chocolate ice cream. We had to enjoy ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream Day!


I am thankful for such a great week. I hope you all had a fantastic week as well!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Shenanigans

  1. I love that your using the coloring book!! That is the latest craze, I have had my set of coloring pencils for awhile now but still haven’t got a book yet!


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