Weekend Round-up

I’m sorry to have been MIA this week. My new work schedule has kept me a busy bee, but things are progressing really well so far in my training! This weekend was a great mixture of relaxation with awesome food and wonderful evening walks. Friday night Matt and I enjoyed a quick vegetarian dinner that really hit the spot.

sautéed zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, & onion simmered with garlic marinara sauce / gf bagel toasted & topped with homemade kale pesto

Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do it justice as it should’ve been served in a bowl, but it was great nevertheless. After a 30-minute walk around the complex, we enjoyed hot tea and a small dessert.

For breakfast on Saturday, we made oatmeal with almond milk, cinnamon, and even added a jar of pear, pineapple, and avocado by Beechnut to include more flavor and nutrients. We topped our bowls with kiwi, Chex clusters, and cashew-macadamia nut butter.


After completing some shopping, Matt and I finally got to have a Whole Foods hot bar lunch date together. He was in foodie heaven. 😉




and hers. 🙂 After our stomachs were full, we browsed the aisles together. We found some great foods and then headed home.


The smell of coffee was too good to ignore, so we decided to try something new: Mystic Brew by Bongo Java Roasting Co. We both love it! Very rich but great both black or with Cruze milk. Saturdays are made for two big mugs of coffee.

We lounged around, sipping on our brew, and enjoyed each other’s company with plenty of laughter. The babies were content to be napaholics.


Because we had a bigger late lunch, we went simple for dinner.

romaine, tomatoes, baby peppers, & avocado drizzled with Bolthouse Farms yogurt Caesar / kale pesto / brie / Udi’s gf French baguette

Once the sun had gone down, we went on another walk. I love daytime walks, but it’s sometimes nice not to have the sun beating down on you.

After another glorious morning of sleeping in, we made ourselves a Sunday brunch.

Blue Hill beet yogurt blended with banana & orange / topped with Chex clusters, Enjoy Life crunchy flax cereal, & crystallized ginger

We had yet some more errands to run, so after getting ready in no hurry at all, we decided to have lunch before heading out for the afternoon.

gf hamburger buns topped with Roots lima bean hummus, sharp cheddar, egg, & avocado with a side of halved cherry tomatoes

I wanted to share my recipe for the kale pesto. It’s incredibly simple and can be adapted to suit your likes.


3 c raw washed kale

1/2 c extra virgin olive oil

1/4 roasted lightly salted pistachios

1/4 c freshly grated Asiago cheese

2 big cloves roasted garlic

1 T + a splash fresh lemon juice

freshly ground salt and pepper


Layer some of the ingredients into a blender capable of handling hearty greens and pulse until fairly smooth. Continue to add the remaining ingredients in batches until all is well blended and incorporated.

I hope you find it to be as delicious as we believe it to be and find new ways to include it in many of your meals!

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