Livin’ the Good Life

Good Saturday morning! Is it just me or did this work week fly by? I am thankful it’s the weekend, though. Time needs to now put on the brakes!

My sweet and thoughtful twin surprised us with two perfect housewarming gifts.

gorgeous bamboo cutting/serving board

💝 Knoxville



I’m a sucker for mugs, and this one has now become one of my very favorites!

We’ve been eating some amazing meals that I wanted to share. First up is last night’s dinner.



Matt surprised me with honey nut Chex-coated baked chicken with dijon mustard, perfectly roasted carrots and squash, organic greens, and even the egg wash batter baked in a ramekin. Waste not, want not!

He is an incredible cook, and I’m so lucky. This morning we had one of his scramblers. It’s simple but perfect and easy to vary according to your likes. I’ve included the recipe below, but it’s really just a guide. Feel free to add your own spin on it!


Ingredients for 1 serving:

1 oz oat bran

salt, pepper, cayenne pepper

1 egg


3/4 oz cheddar cheese

1/2 c steamed vegetables

1-2 T pesto


Cook the oat bran with water and spices until it reaches your desired consistency. Heat a pan, adding just enough butter to scramble your egg. Add the remaining ingredients and serve with fruit and of course coffee. 😉 Enjoy!

*Alternatively, you could add natural sausage or bacon, roasted vegetables, or a different cheese.


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