Savory Pumpkin Saute

I certainly love to cook and am grateful for new inspiration, but truth be told, I rarely follow recipes. There, I admit it. 😉 I enjoy putting together meals with my own spin on them most of the time, but recipes are most definitely helpful and enjoyable. I often say that when I share my recipes, I’m sharing a method. Feel free to plug-and-chug your own ingredients to create new dishes for you and your loved ones.


In about 15 minutes flat, I was able to make our Sunday night dinner with ingredients we already had cooked in the refrigerator. I hope you find it as delicious as we did!


1/2 large bag of pre-washed and cut Swiss chard with kale

1 c cooked brown rice

6 oz cooked and seasoned lean ground beef

1/2 c pure pumpkin

olive oil

2 T roasted red pepper spread

1 oz sharp cheddar


Heat a small amount of olive oil in a medium size skillet. Saute the greens until stems have softened and leaves have begun to wilt. Add the rice, beef, and pumpkin. Heat through. Add the roasted red pepper spread and cheddar. Once the cheese has melted, portion into two generous helpings. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Savory Pumpkin Saute

    1. Yes! That was another awesome lesson I learned while attending your cooking class. I sincerely promise that I gained such invaluable knowledge at each attendance! I always think of you when I try to explain recipes are, as I wrote, just methods. 😄


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