A Visit to The Orangery



On Wednesday evening, I attended a lecture dinner at The Orangery. This establishment has been a part of Knoxville’s history since 1971 and is located in Bearden. I had yet to dine there before this week, but now I’m glad I can say that I have.

Our group arrived early, so I did a little exploring.


Couldn’t resist a little selfie action in the upstairs mirror.


Silly bathroom shot. Quite the rich wall color, dontcha think?

image image

There were several spiral staircases throughout the building.


They provided a set menu from which to choose our entrée. It did all sound really nice, but I decided to try the salmon.



For the first course, they served a nice cheese plate, complete with a balsamic reduction, crushed peanuts, and dried cranberries, along with a warm roll and soft herb butter.


The house salad was nicely presented, and I liked the poppy seed dressing.


The salmon was cooked well, and the green beans had a nice texture. I do wish the potatoes would’ve been prepared with the skin included. I love dirty mashed potatoes as they provide more flavor, texture, color, and nutrition.


The dessert was rich, so I only ate half of each: walnut brownie and an Oreo-style cheesecake.

I was able to bring home plenty of the cheese plate to enjoy with our quesadillas tonight as well as half my entrée for today’s lunch. I love being able to bring homemade or restaurant leftovers for lunch. 🙂 Quick and easy!

In all, I enjoyed the presentation, the company, and the food. The lecture proved to be very informative, and I intend to apply my new knowledge when caring for my patients.

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