Modern Table Meals


While browsing the food department at our local TJ Maxx, I stumbled upon this new-to-me product: Modern Table Meals. I loved the packaging, which did a great job in getting my attention. The flavor sounded amazing, and I loved that it was a gluten free product for Matt and I to enjoy together!


Overall, I was very pleased with the contents and nutritional profile. I decided we should give it a try, so I happily placed it into my cart. Last night seemed like the perfect day to make it, and let me just say that we both loved it. Very flavorful and spicy, and I love that we could make it our own! I added sautéed freshly shredded carrots and kale, which amped up the nutrition that much more, and I was able to extend it to about six servings rather than four.


All piled into a bowl and ready to hit the heat.


Unfortunately, the photo I took of both of our bowls didn’t turn out well. Womp womp. But here’s an up-close of mine: we topped them with provolone and avocado. We will be baking chicken breasts tomorrow to serve with the leftovers for both our hump day dinner and Friday’s lunch. I love a meal that provides multiple servings, and each time we enjoy it we can add different cheese, toppings, and meat to vary it up.

I hope you can find one of their products soon! We’re really looking forward to trying more Modern Table Meals in the future!

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