Sunday Funday

Weekends always go by way too quickly! I wish there was a button to slow them down.

Sunday began with a delicious brunch.


We had gluten free English muffins, which we agreed taste more like cornbread. I topped mine with wilted greens and provolone on one half with provolone and an over easy egg on the other. Tangerine and pour-over coffee completed my meal.


Matt included leftover seared pork chop with an over easy egg, provolone, greens, and some sharp white cheddar.

After taking our sweet time getting ready, we then had to hurry to World’s Fair Park to meet for the Humana Rock ‘n Roll 5k. It didn’t start until 2PM, but it’s sometimes so difficult to get moving on a Sunday. 😉


It was Matt’s first 5k, and I so loved walking it with him! We’re so goofy, and I love it. He kept me laughing, so I didn’t think too much about how cold it was. But it was freezing: high in the low 40’s.


Even though it was frigid, the bright blue sky was so gorgeous!


Post “race” with our medals. =D


Despite being cold, once we had warmed up at home, we were both craving a SIAB along with hot tea. It really hit the spot. We just lounged the rest of the afternoon and then put together a quick dinner.


Salads with spiced roasted carrots, honey chipotle goat cheese, pan-seared sardines with lemon and a seasoning blend, beets, and our first try of cooked sorghum grain. It is very good!


I finally have begun listening to Christmas music today, and I absolutely love it. Mannheim Steamroller and Bing Crosby bring back such sweet childhood memories. I hope you all are having a wonderful week and gearing up for Thanksgiving!


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