Thanksgiving Makeover

Banana-whipped Love Grown Super Oats with Cruze Dairy, spices, vanilla, & topped with cranberry sauce pb


So you enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner and may have, like Matt and I, enjoyed both a turkey sandwich for lunch on Friday and Thanksgiving round two another evening.

Last year, I piled turkey, gravy melted Swiss, wilted spinach, & homemade cranberry sauce on an Old Mill Bread Co. honey whole wheat roll.



If nothing else, I’m consistent! 😉 I enjoyed turkey, cranberry sauce, sharp white cheddar, & organic mixed greens on an Old Mill Bread Co. Montana sourdough roll.



But now those leftovers are beckoning for a makeover. Enter a warm soup that is as versatile as it is delicious. It will take on different flavors all depending on the leftovers you have, which makes it that much more fun. I hope this inspires you to create something new from what you have on hand!



We had approximately four cups of garlic maple chili roasted butternut squash and Brussels sprouts along with 1.5 cups of low sodium chicken broth. I combined those with a can of organic dark red kidney beans, cooked Wondergrain sorghum, the last of our parmesan cooked whole, and fresh rosemary, thyme, and sage. I chose to serve ours with baked romaine sprinkled with a dried vegetable seasoning mix then splashed with fig balsamic vinegar and fresh squeezed lemon juice. After plating, I topped our warm salads with pomegranate seeds and freshly crumbled blue cheese.

Do you have a favorite dish you look forward to making with your Thanksgiving leftovers each year?

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