Sweet ‘n Spicy Breakfast Scrambler


First, let’s just take a second to admire that gorgeous egg. Matt cooked it perfectly, and I love how it folded up on the side of my bowl right before I mashed it into the oats. 😉

Matt surprised me yesterday morning with such an amazing breakfast! He was sneaky and roasted several whole carrots to add to our breakfast scramblers before I had even gotten out of bed. I was so confused when I woke up and he wasn’t there. Then as I sleepily walked down the stairs, a delicious aroma hit me. He looked so adorable in the kitchen as  he was getting everything prepped for us to cook.

We did not have any fresh greens (so unlike us), so he had decided that carrots would be the next best thing. 🙂 I had picked up an interesting cheddar at Aldi several weeks ago called ‘Mango Fire’, which combines mango and habanero. It’s sweet, spicy, and salty – so delicious and an unexpected combination!

Below is our recipe that I hope you will be able to try soon. I love that he introduces me to new concepts and combinations that always keeps my favorite meal of the day new and fun.


Serves 2


1 cup Love Grown Foods Super Oats


garlic powder

fresh rosemary and thyme

2 eggs

unsalted butter

2 oz. natural ham or 2 breakfast sausage patties

1 oz mango habanero cheddar

1 cup carrots (approximately four whole)


Preheat oven to 400*. Toss the carrots in tamari and ground ginger. Roast until fork tender. Cut into bite-sized pieces.

Add the garlic powder to the oats and cook according to package instructions. Stir in fresh herbs. If using sausage, pan-cook it and set aside wrapped in a paper towel to absorb extra oil. Scramble each egg separately in a small amount of real butter.

Portion oats evenly between two bowls. Top each with 1/2 oz. cheese, meat of choice, 1/2 c carrots, and egg.

*I chose to use ham in mine while he cooked Swaggerty’s sausage for his bowl. Both worked beautifully with the other flavors.

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