‘Tis the Season…


…for many variations of oatmeal! Candy canes are so synonymous with the holiday season, and I knew I needed to try my own chocolate peppermint version. I saw these awesome candy canes at Whole Foods made by Hammond’s Candies, and although there were some fun flavors, I went with the classic.


I got my ingredients all lined up and ready to be combined for a warm, delicious Sunday brunch.



1/2 old fashioned rolled oats

1/2 T chia seeds

1 c milk of choice

1/2 T carob or unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 t real vanilla extract

1/2 bar dark chocolate

1/4 of large peppermint candy cane

several slices of fresh banana


Combine oats, milk, chia, and carob. Cook until oatmeal reaches desired consistency. Turn off heat and add vanilla. Top with chocolate, peppermint, banana, and enjoy!


Sweet purr-baby photo bomb optional. 😉

What is your go-to oatmeal recipe for this time of year?

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