Makers Gonna Make…Donuts That Is!


I was on a mission this morning – to get down to Makers Donuts as quickly as possible. So I chose one of my fav vintage dresses that doesn’t require ironing. ūüėČ I do love playing around with winter layering and fashion!

After much anticipation, Makers Donuts has finally opened their doors and welcomed us donut-hungry Knoxvillians in to enjoy a sweet confection!




The owners and masterminds behind Remedy Coffee decided to venture out and also create a place where people can go to enjoy a quality, locally made donut. They have chosen to use local ingredients, and while they will make some of the classic, tried and true flavors, one can expect others like Maple-Bacon, Dark Chocolate Ganache with Sea Salt, and Matcha Green Tea with Black Salt to name only a few.


Now, as an RD, one might wonder how or why I stand behind a donut shop. I mean, sugar is the devil, right? Wrong. I do believe in, despite how often it’s said, many things in moderation. While I still have my beliefs and draw the line on some¬†foods for myself, I do think that the *occasional*¬†treat is necessary in leading a healthy, well-rounded life.


Cruze Farm milk shot!

I, for one, am excited to be given the opportunity for another means in supporting the makers and hard-workers of our great city. It’s been fun to watch it grow and evolve over the last several years. While many big cities are known for their fancy cafes, donut shops, and the like, Knoxville can boast that we too have some of the very best right in our own backyard!

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