Love is in the Air

On February 14, 2014 I took and thankfully passed my RD exam. Later that evening, Matt and I celebrated Valentine’s Day at The Grill at Highlands Row.

Valentine’s Day 2014
An amazing celebration of passing my exam with my fav person!
Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day 2015
I love being goofy with him!

This year, we decided to again enjoy our Valentine’s dinner at The Grill at Highlands Row. We chose to dine on Saturday, which allowed us to cook a nice meal at home on Sunday.

Oatmeal with So Delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut milk, mango, pineapple + topped with plum, Good Habit Food Ginger Spice Topper, Qia Cranberry Vanilla, Earthly Choice Chocolate Almond, Smucker’s pb


Unfortunately, even though we set a 6:30 reservation, we were not seated until 7:00. Our dinner wasn’t prepared as nicely as we were hoping for, especially given the price. We decided to have dessert at home and snuggled on the couch to watch Bridge of Spies. Also, we couldn’t get a good photo due to dim lighting, so we ended up with none this year. Womp womp. Stinks.

Matt has been working hard to finish his car in time to attend his racing school this coming weekend. A fun weekend road trip that we’re both looking forward to!


I stopped by his dad’s, where he works on his car, and saw our other little baby.


I went by my sister’s place and was able to see Rachel and Mason. I love and miss them so much! People often think May is upset when he  has this expression, but he’s actually purring up a storm!


Miss Princess – I love her sassy self.


Jackson warms my heart so much. Look at that tootsie. He stands in such a precious way!


On Sunday, Kaci and I met to attend a free class at Barre3 Knoxville. It was a killer workout and one that we really enjoyed!


I decided to bake a whole chicken. It wasn’t quite as juicy as the previous birds, but it still is really nice.


Served with homemade gravy, curry-roasted cauliflower and onion, sautéed zucchini and ‘shrooms with roasted garlic, parmesan polenta.


Matt’s plate.


We accidentally broke the last wishbone, but I managed to remove this one intact. I got to make the wish. 🙂


We split a package of Justin’s dark chocolate pb cups.


I had apple, KIND banana nut clusters, and an Earl grey latte.



Matt made a delicious smoothie.

Overall, the weekend, while it didn’t go quite as I had hoped, it ended on an awesome note. I feel very blessed and only wish we could’ve had one more day!

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