Road Trippin’, Racin’, & Noshin’

It was one of those weekends that I wish I could hit repeat!

A sleepy, early morning photo ❤


A few years ago, Matt became involved with ETR SCCA and participated in the Autocross competition. Over the last 10 months, he transformed his Nissan 240 into a race car for a different division. He designed and welded the roll cage completely by himself, and he even did quite a lot of body work, such as filling in the sunroof. He has worked so so hard, and all of it paid of this past weekend!



We got up very early on Friday morning (4:30AM to be exact) and drove down to Bloomingdale, GA for him to attend the racing school at Roebling Road Raceway. I was thankful to be up early, though because the sunrise was really pretty.

My hairdresser is amazing and had cut & styled my locks the evening before. I woke up & surprisingly didn’t have crazy bed-head. 😉  Sported my Eat Healthy Designs tee! Comfy car clothes at their finest.


We packed a lot of good food to eat for lunch and snacks on the drive down and throughout the weekend. He drove the whole way down, so I fed him his lunch and then enjoyed mine.

For my morning snack, I had a hard boiled egg & a Sheffa rosemary bar.
I packed individual Boar’s Head hummus to enjoy with Sargento garlic herb cheese snack, cuke, carrots, & Food Should Taste Good black bean tortilla chips. Cuties for dessert.

As we got closer, Matt became even more excited. It’s awesome to see him going after things he loves!




The requirements are to attend the school and run two races, I believe, as a novice driver before one is given their license. I am very proud to say that after just running on Saturday, his instructor was so impressed by his performance that they gave him the option to go ahead and submit for his license!

It looks so awesome!


Had to snap a goofy reflection pic. 😉


I’ve always loved how knowledgeable he is on cars. Such an attractive quality!


After checking in to our Microtel, I promptly sat my toosh on the chair and enjoyed my Siggi’s Blood Orange with Good Habit Food apple fig topper.

For Friday night’s dinner, I packed cooked quinoa-rice blend with roasted pepper spread, freshly grated parmesan cheese, whole baked chicken, and sautéed vegetables. I wanted to make sure we ate well despite being away from home.

We enjoyed yogurt bowls at breakfast, complete with Cheerios and Crunchy flax buried by Fage 2% plain thinned out with So Delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut milk and topped with Justin’s almond butter, chia, and banana. We each had a hard boiled egg for added protein.


Before leaving to quickly explore downtown Savannah, I enjoyed this Chobani Flip Cup. It was a great balance of sweet and spicy!


As soon as I parked and got out of the car, I saw this chocolate shop and knew I had to visit.


Such a gorgeous spread!


I decided to treat Matt and myself to these fancy local honey-filled dark chocolate squares.


They were dusted with 24k gold!


I would love to one day visit Savannah solely to explore the city. It is so charming!


I love this building’s architecture and colors!


My main purpose for finding my way to this area was to enjoy a drink from The Coffee Fox.


I love their humor!


Amen! I accidentally snapped a fuzzy photo, but the message is too good not to share.


The OCD-tendency in me wanted to switch these to read salt and pepper left to right. Haha


I love visiting local coffee shops, especially when they are so fun and unique.


Iced latte for me
Almond milk cappuccino for Matt

I quickly made my way back to the track because once they started lining up the cars in grid, I wouldn’t have been able to get to Matt. In order to get over to where the trailer and car were parked, I had to cross the track.


Here’s the track that he ran the whole weekend.


All smiles after having several awesome practice runs!


Suiting up!


All buckled in and ready to roll.


Checking tire pressure and setting up the camera.


Lined up in the starting grid.

I took several short videos, and Matt also has many from his own perspective that have been really neat to watch.


For dinner, I had researched and found this restaurant called B. Matthews Eatery that had many gluten free entrée options. I drove back downtown and picked up our dinner for Saturday to enjoy at the track that evening.

Pickled Shrimp / pickled beets, onion, & Anaheim pepper to split
Arugula Salad / watermelon radish, spiced pear, grapefruit, candied walnuts, & orange-sherry vinaigrette to split
Pork Cheek / orange & sage-braised pork cheek with parsnip-apple-horseradish puree, orange jus, oyster mushrooms, & asparagus
Autumn Vegetable Spaghetti / squash noodles shitake, white beans, mustard greens, cherry heirloom tomato, tossed in ancho creamed corn sauce

Matt ate half his pork entrée while I ate half my vegetarian entrée. That way, he was able to enjoy my leftovers for lunch yesterday, I now get to enjoy his today for my lunch.


In order to warm said lunch, we sat it on his hot engine. Desperate times call for ingenuity! 🙂


I got us checked out of the Microtel and of course had to wear my new tee from The Coffee Fox.


I was so thankful that I got to meet with one of my best friends for lunch before making the loooong drive back home. He suggested The Kayak Kafe, and it was excellent! I chose their curried chicken salad on wheat. It came with a mango chutney, greens, tomato, and onion along with a side of coleslaw and a pickle spear. I got a cuppa joe, Perc Coffee – local Savannah roasting company – and it hit the spot. I failed to get a photo of us together, boo. But I chatted until it was 3PM and then realized it would be late by the time I arrived at home. But it was so worth it to get to relax and catch up. We’ve known each other for at least 13 years!


Upon getting home, I discovered this amazing “Love Drop” by Love Grown Foods! I won a giveaway but never expected so much. They are incredibly generous and so awesome!!

Matt stayed back and is now on his way home with the gentleman who was kind enough to trailer his car to GA. I made the decision not to take Monday off so I don’t get behind in my work. Responsibility is a drag. I cannot wait for the next race!! If I had the courage, I wish I could have my own car. Matt keeps telling me I need to, but we can’t have two cars to work on. 😉


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