K Brew Squared


K Brew is only a little more than two years old, yet already, they are one of the most sought after local coffee shops in K-town. It’s no surprise, though if you’ve ever visited. They provide incredible drinks and always serve them with a smile. They recently rolled out a menu of grab-and-go nutritious options to compliment their beverages, and I have tried and loved each one!


It was only a matter of time until they would either need to expand or open up another location given the number of fans that visit each day. Thankfully, us Knoxvillians can now get our K Brew fix at either North Broadway or Market Street. {They have also moved their original location as well with an opening date of March 17th, so expect one more post by me!}


From the time that they announced their expansion to their opening day, it only took one month. The Lamacchia brothers and the entire team have always been driven since day one, and that has not changed!

Dressing for spring even if the temperatures did dip back down to the 40’s. Boo // Rachel photo bomb!


Thankfully, I was able to swing by this morning, and I got to see my sister as well!


It’s such a beautiful space with tons of character!


The attention to detail is so amazing. I love the Knoxville map, made by Native Maps, as well as this wooden slab used as an upraised table. Everything came together perfectly. They also are selling homemade lemon bars and chocolate chip brownies, which you know I will be trying very soon. =D


They have the map for sale as well as Maverick chocolate bars. Matt and I have quite the stash of chocolate right now, but soon I will get us one of these to enjoy!


I realized that I have never tried an Americano by them, so I chose it with a splash of Cruze. Cold brew for my sis!

If you’re in the area, I really hope you stop by. You will be soo happy that you did!

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