Bingo, Beer, & BBQ

^Three things you probably never thought to combine, yet they make for an epic night! Sugar Mama’s Bakery was founded by an adorable and fun couple, Mike and Hannah McConnell, that realized Knoxville needed amazing baked goods along with a selection of beers to suit many people’s tastes. I just love how Knoxville continues to provide local places like no other: hammocks at K Brew and now a place where one can enjoy a homemade marshmallow in a stout beer, if they so choose. =D

I treated myself to a few new pieces from Old Navy on Tuesday, so I decided to wear one of my new dresses yesterday. I had to throw on my cardigan because these temperatures are getting low, low, low until returning to normal tomorrow and Saturday, thankfully!


While the weather was dreary in a sense, I loved how the sun was shining in some parts with looming dark clouds in others. I really love this shot and the iconic JFG sign!


I think I’ll start a series entitled, “See Matt Walk.” Lolz


We arrived 15 minutes after they had gotten started, but we were able to jump into the very next game, which Matt won!


Matt enjoyed a cider, which I tasted and thought it was quite nice.


They provided bbq from Willy’s Butcher Shop along with garlic and herb gluten free bread from The Breadshed Café. I’m so grateful they took the time to provide a safe and delicious meal for Matt!

My noms.


Matt’s plate.


All together now.



Mike on the mic, Hannah kept track of the bingo numbers, and they had a guest announcer, who was hilarious.


The window seat is *the* seat…and one that we discovered cost $3000, haha. Matt and I have serious plans to enjoy brunch here one morning!


This sign cracked me up.


My t-shirt that Matt won for me!


The babies got us up early for their breakfast, but then while we go to work, this is how they’re spending their day…


Jax kept an eye on the downstairs. 😉


Ray knocked down some of my winter sweaters yesterday, so she made use of them. Silly girl!


Sugar Mama’s will be holding their official grand opening tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to going by for an amazing pastry!

**Our wedding photographer shared a few photos from our engagement shoot, and I can’t help but include a few here. I’m so so thrilled with them!

Our goofy personalities shine through. 🙂


It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but this one is just perfect to me!


Stefanie found *the* coolest places that had so much color and personality. She found colors that aligned with those that we’ll have in the wedding!


I’ve never seen a more beautiful ring or a more interesting way to display it. ❤


We started our shoot at K Brew, so the combination of our love of coffee, community, and laughter made the most perfect afternoon.


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