Colorful 4K, Caffeine + Hammocks, Mother’s Day Celebration

This weekend really felt chock full of fun with a great combination of relaxation and exercise! Matt went out to one of his best friend’s property where he and his wife are building their home. He left from work on Friday, and then he got in late Saturday night.

Friday’s look // Last week I did some shopping at Old Navy, & I found several cute pieces, including this dress. 🙂


To back-track to Friday, one of my clinic managers was kind enough to schedule a chair massage for the nurses and Patient Care Techs, and she offered me a session as well. It felt amazing! When I left from there to head to my other clinic, I decided to stop at Sugar Mama’s Bakery. They had their ribbon cutting and official opening on Friday! Sadly, I couldn’t make it due to work, but I was thankful I got to stop by later in the morning. I bought a garlic cheese biscuit and a hot coffee.


I was lucky to come home to both my order from Eat Healthy Designs as well as unexpected coupons from LOVE GROWN FOODS!

For my solo dinner on Friday, I made a simple tasty plate of sorts that really hit the spot.

Spinach, tomato, artichoke tomato bruschetta, fluffy egg, biscuit, avocado, cranberry cinnamon goat chese


Afterward I went on a 30-minute walk in the neighborhood located above us, and I was able to chat with my sister for the majority of it, which was awesome.

After seeing their curry shortbread cookies, it gave me an idea. I combined Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt with curry powder, ginger powder, turmeric, cinnamon, and poppy seeds along with local shortbread cookies. It may sound different at first, but it worked so well!

While enjoying it, the boys and I snuggled up together on the couch to watch some tv.

Because Matt wasn’t home, Mason took it upon himself to guard me. 😉


He laid on my stomach after I crawled into bed.

Saturday morning started early with this gf corn English muffin filled with yogurt, crunchy peanut butter, and strawberry rhubarb jam plus a clementine and hot tea.


Then it was time to meet up with Kaci, Drew, and Axl to run in the YMCA’s Tie Dye Dash 4K!

All clean beforehand…



Both the above and below photos were taken by Eric Branch of Eric Branch Photography.


Axl is a celebrity pup. So many people remembered him from last year! Drew purposefully dodged the color stations because understandably they make Axl nervous. He is beyond adorable and such a trooper.


I went over to Kaci’s to get cleaned up before we all headed to lunch. I chose to sport my new long-sleeve tee from Eat Healthy Designs. It is seriously one of the softest tees I’ve ever worn, and the message is perfect.


We chose to eat at Holly’s Gourmet Market same as last year. I ordered their market salad with the addition of pesto chicken, goat cheese, and rye toast.


It was so perfect and filled me up nicely.

Afterward, Kaci, her roommate and one of her best friends, Cindy, and I made our way to K brew. Just relaxing was just what I needed. Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down and live in only that moment.


I love how K brew included the emoticons – hilarious!


I’m on Snapchat and slowly learning how to use it. My username is Koritwin2 if you’d like to follow along! Here’s my artsy picture. 😉


Kaci came over and spent time with me and the babies after we all finished our cold brews.

I made my way over to Aldi to shop. Their eggs are only $0.69/dozen, and their avocados are $0.39 each, so I stocked up on so many awesome foods!

For dinner, I made this incredibly thick and tasty smoothie topped with flax, mixed nuts, chia, and Polar Puffs by LOVE GROWN.


A little while before bed, I noshed on this pieced of spicy dark chocolate.


We both had our own breakfast creations: yogurt, banana, Nature’s Path fruit and nut granola, peanut butter, and an egg on the side for me / sweet and savory waffles for Matt.

We all met up at his brother and sister-in-law’s to celebrate Mothers’ Day.

A little fun “photoshoot” with my main squeeze.


Goofy pictures with their dog, Jaz.


Matt and I made salmon topped with artichoke tomato bruschetta enjoyed over a bed of spinach, baked asparagus, and a gf pasta salad that his mom made for us.


After we got home, Matt made a smoothie and tea while I had yogurt plus frozen berry + kale blend, last of our apple fig toppers, coconut, and we split the last banana muffin.


Unfortunately, the FoxNow app was being odd, so we had to watch the latest episode of Bones on my phone. Not a large screen by any means, but getting to snuggle and watch one of our shows was perfect all the same.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have gotten off to a good start this Monday!

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