Brunch at The Front Porch + Weekend Fun in Pictures

Once again, I am sitting here wondering how Monday snuck up on me. How I wish it were still the weekend!

Friday started with a sweet / savory waffle combination: Greek yogurt, fresh cut pineapple, and ground flax / mashed avocado, sharp aged white cheddar, Nature’s Path Qia cereal.


I didn’t have time to pack a lunch on Thursday evening due to attending Barre3, so I treated myself to Jason’s Deli. I enjoyed a salad from their awesome bar along with honey graham crackers, cottage cheese, and apple slices for dessert.

I stopped by The Empty Cup to get us a bag of coffee for the house and also grabbed an iced Americano to take back to the office.

Kroger’s Friday free download was for one Curate bar, so I snagged this flavor to try. It was quite tasty and has a nice consistency.


After getting my hair cut, I came home and noshed on this snack plate of cucumber, Roma tomato, and carrots with hummus. Friday was National Hummus Day, after all. 😉


Matt was exhausted, so he took a catnap while I had a really simple dinner of chicken, steamed vegetables, and flatbread crackers. We settled in later with our dessert (yogurt bowl for me and a smoothie for him) and watched the latest episode of Bones.

I had not realized that this cute restaurant, The Front Porch, was located just 10 minutes from our house! We chose to have brunch, and it was awesome.

The house is adorable and amazing! It was built in 1910, and I love it’s character and charm.



The decor was perfect, and I loved all the turquoise/teal!

After we placed our order, we went upstairs to browse their gift shops. I actually practiced restraint and did not buy that cute owl.

Never enough coffee.

I’m really looking forward to having dinner on the deck next time!


We each enjoyed the strawberry cobb salad and then split the three egg Greek Goddess omelet.

It was an unusually chilly day, so once we were back home, I made mug of tea to warm up with as I munched on shortbread cookies topped with strawberry rhubarb jam.


After putting in a session at the Y, I swung by Aldi then came home to make us dinner. I came up with a vegetarian stuffed pepper recipe that I’ll be sharing tomorrow!


I cut up a fresh mango and had it along with pineapple, muesli, and Qia over Greek yogurt + almond coconut milk base. Matt and I watched Deadpool, and we were both in tears from laughter at several parts. I recommend it!


Sunday began with hot coffee and waffles. I had mine with banana, raisins, and maple along with yogurt in a nearly empty pb jar.Matt made his with banana, yogurt, and pb and then had a hashbrown with cheese, egg, and avocado.

I signed up for the Heart and Sole 5k with Dale, and despite not feeling very good during the run, I managed to finish in 27:55:1 t chip time with a pace of 8:59! I ran this well back at the beginning of February, so I’m thankful I could keep it up now.


Once home, I prepped our whole chicken and put it into the oven before taking a hot shower.


It turned out so well! I seasoned it with melted butter mixed with  paprika, chipotle chili powder, thyme, rosemary garlic sea salt, and pepper medley. I also poured low sodium organic chicken broth over the top and spooned it over the chicken a few times while it was cooking.

We enjoyed it with quinoa and a simple salad.


Matt’s dad surprised us with strawberries from his garden!


I incorporated them into my dessert with pineapple, mango, blueberries, Qia, dark chocolate, and a little cinnamon crunch cereal by Nature’s Path. Matt made a killer smoothie with pretty blueberries on top.


When I stopped at Kroger on Friday, I saw these cute oatmeal-in-a-jar creations, by Haulin’ Oats, that I couldn’t resist. They were a splurge, but I reasoned at least we could keep the jars. 😉


Matt made us cheesy scrambled eggs + berries to go with them. Even though it’s Monday, this was an awesome start.


Hope you all have a great week!





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