Low Key but Fun Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and unlike us, I hope you’re reading this while still enjoying a day off of work. We didn’t get the day, but we’re focusing on saving our PTO.

On Thursday evening, I had to pick Matt up from work because he left his car at the body shop for some repairs. We fought traffic home, and then I went to the Y. We both agreed how we wish we could carpool every day! He put together this epic meal for us: pan-seared then roasted pork tenderloin with a roasted onion + garlic wine reduction. Side of toast with extra virgin olive oil, rosemary garlic sea salt, and steamed green beans. We were in heaven. He always makes the best sauces!

Upon getting home from work on Friday, I stumbled upon this guy on our porch. I thought it was really neat! Unfortunately, the bird’s nest on our patio is now empty. I have a sad feeling that the snake found a meal…


For a quick dinner, I chose to make this from Modern Table Meals. The absolute only thing I would change is the sodium content, but to moderate it, I simply bulk up the meal with more vegetables and turn it into six rather than four servings.


I added fresh spinach and mixed greens along with steamed broccoli and fresh tomato. Served with swai baked with lime and salsa. The fish is a pretty cheap variety that I won’t be buying again, but we both certainly loved this meal.


For a lighter breakfast on Saturday, we each had a pb&j with wilted spinach. I used the last of our bread while Matt used Van’s waffles.

Went with a somewhat patriotic outfit for the weekend. 🙂


We stumbled upon Bar Marley when we were taking our engagment photos, and we decided to finally pay a visit.

I know it’s cheesy, but I couldn’t help myself. 😉 I’m very thankful for our love.


Unfortunately, they were out of goat and ox tail, so Matt chose the jerk chicken. After explaining his need for gluten free, they placed two Johnny cakes on his plate…that bothered me. He didn’t want to raise a stink, but his food was definitely contaminated. I ordered the Madagascar, which is to be a roll with curried pork, apricots, baby bananas. It wasn’t until later that I decided to look at the menu once more and realized they had served me something completely different. I too didn’t want to make a scene, if you will, but I knew it wasn’t right when they delivered it. Matt ended up paying for a pork roll when in reality, I had black-eye peas, which I know cost a lot less.

Despite it being a fun atmosphere, we will not be returning.

We went by Kroger to do some coupon + sale shopping, and we also picked up this awesome head of purple cauliflower.


The other day, I made a huge batch of tri-color qunioa for quick meals, so this included a quinoa base sprinkled with Earthly Choice Chia Goodness. To that I added steamed purple cauliflower and roasted asparagus and turnips.


For dessert, I made a fruit and yogurt bowl along with this Bigelow Vanilla Chai latte. Ohmygosh this foam was amazing. I drizzled local honey on top, and it was so thick and delicious.

We watched Scicario with Emily Blunt, and I was most definitely not a fan. I don’t like movies in which all that basically happens is shooting and bloodshed. Bleck.


Matt came up with the awesome idea to make individual quiches inside portobello mushroom caps. These turned out to be too shallow, so we simply improvised and baked them in our ramekins. We added spices, milk to make them fluffy, and goat cheese.

We enjoyed them over wilted spinach with baked zucchini, fresh tomato, and an orange.

I went for a little more than a three-mile walk, and it felt amazing. I captured these on SnapChat and thought they were very pretty! I should’ve worn sunscreen, though because my shoulders burned. Whoops…


Kaci returned from her beach vacation and surprised me with this adorable shirt! Love when one of the babies photo bombs me. =D

She also brought back key lime fudge for me. Yummm.


More SnapChat fun, this time with the flower crown filter. One of my favs.


Mason’s new spot is at the living room window. He can’t get enough bird and nature watching! Jackson is just too cute for words!

Sunday evening we enjoyed some of the leftover pork tenderloin, and then I noshed on this creation by Matt. He steeped and lightly sweetened the vanilla chai tea then soaked it with almond coconut milk and chia cereal. It was great! I had it with apple slices, strawberries and Greek yogurt, and Constant Comet tea.

Kath just posted about these new Quaker Oats Breakfast Flats, and Kroger offered them as their free Friday download. Score! I chose the banana honey nut flavor.


I topped them with Daisy cottage cheese, strawberries, drippy peanut butter, and a mug of milk on the side. Delcious!

Wishing you all a fantastic day!


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