Gosh Ethiopian

Matt and I found Anthony Bourdain’s program, Parts Unknown, on Netflix recently, and we’ve been watching the sixth season. After we watched the episode based in Ethiopia, we immediately searched for an authentic restaurant located in K-town. As our luck would have it, Gosh Ethiopian was located right on Sutherland Avenue!

I called on Tuesday to inquire about their injera bread. As we read, it traditionally was made completely with teff flour, but it has also been made with wheat. They were so sweet and allowed me to place an order in advance for a gluten free version. 🙂

After work and running a few errands, we made our way to Gosh Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the weather turned incredibly ugly, so I couldn’t get a photo of the outside of the restaurant. But next time I’ll be sure to do so.


We decided on the Gosh Combination platter for Two with Lamb. This way, we were able to try each a chicken, beef, and lamb dish as well as four vegetarian specialties. The injera bread was so spongy and delicious! We loved it so much, we ordered two large rounds to go so that we could split one for a breakfast wrap on Friday as well as create other meals with the rest.

We were both pleasantly full with leftovers for today’s lunch. We simply wrapped it up from the platter into a burrito of sorts then sliced it into pinwheels. I put them over top baby spinach and added squash sliced thin on the mandoline.


This is definitely one of our new favorite restaurants! The service was wonderful, and we felt pleased with the whole experience. Their coffee sounds divine, so next time we go, we’ll do so for a weekend lunch so that we can try it. The lighting should also be much better so that I can snap some photos of the dining area. I hope you can get out soon and enjoy their Ethiopian cuisine soon!

**Edited to include Friday’s breakfast using injera**

Matt and I split one of the large rounds and filled them with peanut butter, banana, and warmed Wyman’s of Maine blueberries, strawberries, mango blend. We enjoyed Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon, carob powder, and maple syrup. Such a high protein, delicious start to Fri-yay!


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