How Old Would You Be if You Didn’t Know How Old You Are?

Birthday outfit!


Today is my twinklet and my 28th birthday! Matt and I were chatting about it the other night, and we both don’t “feel” our age. We don’t see ourselves as 33 and 28, respectively, and I think that’s because we’ve stayed young at heart. We’re goofy together, and he brings out the best in me. While society makes getting older seem like a curse, I for one am so grateful to welcome another year. My 27th year was so damn amazing, and I’m looking forward to becoming Mrs. Kori Daniel in my 28th!

So enough of reflection, on with the festivities! To backtrack to Wednesday, I was so fortunate to receive a free Barre3 class as a gift for my birthday. I scheduled with Caroline, and she led an incredible class! There really isn’t anything better than giving oneself the gift of even better health. Moving, stretching, exercising was purrfect. 🙂

Eat Healthy Designs pb tank!

On Thursday, I got my hair cut and then headed down to the Southern Railway Station to meet up with Stefanie to enjoy the Food Truck Park. Kaci and I attended the event back in April, and we had a blast.


We looked over all that the event had to offer, and we decided to enjoy a meal from Forks on the Road. I chose their turkey club with mashed avocado, fig jam, bacon, gouda, and greens. They had run out of their sweet potato fries already (they’re a  hot comodity and for good reason. They’re delicious!), so I enjoyed several of their regular fries.


The fig jam was such a unique and perfect addition!


We did some browsing and came upon this table full of adorable handmade jewelry by Kelsey Jenkins. Her shop is called Lazula Bee, and the only thing wrong with her art is that it’s all so dang cute it was hard to decide! 😉 Seriously, I just loved all that she had, but I couldn’t resist this ca-ute mini teacup necklace.


We spotted this coffee bus called Wanderlust, and we immediately fell in love with the concept. It’s so cute!

I chose to indulge in a cappuccino, but unfortunately, sleep last night was rough. Whoopsies. It was still so tasty, and it sure gave me a burst of energy. Matt was cracking up at how chatty and hyper I was when he got home!


Yesterday afternoon, I used my lunch break to quickly run over to TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. I had seen the letter “K” and “&” at HomeGoods, but I couldn’t find an “M.” I decided to look at TJ Maxx, and of course I found the perfect “M”, so I went and snagged the other two. Matt put them here on our tv stand, and I love it!


When I stepped outside yesterday evening, I caught the last of our incredible sunset. I had a great birthday eve!


This morning I was craving a good old fashioned bowl of whipped cinnamon-spiced banana oatmeal topped with raspberries and Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter. I chose to have Twinings Earl Grey Tea, and it really did hit the spot.


I’m so looking forward to the weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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