Things Are Getting Very Real Now // Simple Bites Gourmet is Open!

*A little wedding update. As of this coming Friday, we will be at the three-month mark to our special day. It’s really fast-approaching! Thanks to my sister, her boyfriend, Drew, Drew’s parents, and Matt, we got so much accomplished at the lake house this past weekend! There’s still plenty to complete, but it’s amazing to see things actually happening. We have several major projects – replaced the roof, are now working on replacing the deck, will be removing the dock and possibly replacing it before the wedding, replacing carpet, etc. O_o I feel so grateful for our place. It’s not easy to repair and maintain a lake property, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Okay, on to the food front! It doesn’t happen often, but we had two nearly empty jars of pb ready for oatmeal-in-a-jar! Matt bought this local honey from one of the customers at the shop where he works.

When I made our quick dinner on Thurday, I went ahead and made it for our lunch on Friday. It included steamed asparagus, cooked peppers and onions, organic chickpeas, artichoke hearts, pickled cabbage and beets, arugula, tomato, and a zucchini muffin.


After work on Friday, I got my hair cut then made my way over to a new cafe called Simple Bites Gourmet. A classmate of mine, Erica Hopper, who graduated with me from the undergrad nutrition program moved back to Knoxville with her husband and little girl, and {thankfully} she decided to expand her healthy meal service business. Not only is the food top-notch, but the whole cafe is absolutely adorable!

imageimageThey have been open for a short while and hosted their Grand Opening on Friday. She provided complimentary appetizers and drinks, and the atmosphere was so lovely. Isn’t this a gorgeous spread? That’s Erica happily chatting with some visitors. 🙂

imageI fixed myself a small plate to sample the variety shown above.

imageThey also are serving Three Bears Coffee, which is a local brand that I love.


Here’s some more of the amazing decor throughout.


I’m looking forward to enjoying all that she has to offer!

Once home, Matt and I collaborated on a wonderful dinner. It was my idea, but he’s the one who egg-secuted it. 😉

Sweet potato, zucchini, and yellow squash hash with tomato basil feta, over easy egg, scallions, and cucumber for me with tomtato for Matt. We really loved this dish!


As soon as Matt sits down, Rachel is right there to snuggle. ❤


Matt took these photos of Mason on Saturday morning as he was enjoying the sunshine. He kills us with his cuteness!

For breakfast, I had a bowl of Qia Super Flakes with almond butter, pink lady apple, and milk + Earl Grey tea. We packed up lunch and snacks and made our way to the lake house. Salad Challenge is going strong! This one included spring mix and organic arugula, whole baked chicken, kalamata olives, tomato, artichoke hearts, tomato basil feta, bruschetta, and a zucchini muffin.


Here is Kaci and Matt working hard on pulling up the carpet in our side room off from the kitchen.


We got home late, so we made a quick dinner before calling it a day. We split a beef and onion pasty along with peppers, onions, and green beans. I ate my cheddar as I prepared this, and Matt enjoyed his melted on top. We added some ketchup after I snapped the photo.


We were both in the mood for a scrambler, so we each had one on Sunday, but I added strawberry rhubarb jam to mine. It was an awesome addition to the spices, egg, and cheddar!


On Sunday, I put myself together to meet our friend at the lake house who will be building us a new deck. Coral + Turquoise love


Lunch was enjoyed at the point. Potato bun stuffed with Sabra hummus, ricotta, artichoke hearts, and dried Italian herbs + a salad on the side.


I served us the remainder of our whole baked chicken with some RW Garcia Sweet Pea crackers and vegetables. Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, so I had to participate! Talenti Vanilla Caramel Swirl with Dang Foods Bacon Coconut.

Jackson looking so cute last night, and Rachel looking pooped this morning. Me too, girl. Me too.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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