A Little Sweet, A Little Savory, A Whole Lotta Flavor


I apologize for not having any other photos, but I still felt that this recipe would speak for itself and needed to be shared! As Matt and I brainstormed our breakfast for today, I came up with this idea. While I was craving the last zucchini muffin for my breakfast, one bite of this made me realize I need to make it as soon as possible!

We really make a pretty amazing team, if I do say so myself. Below is the recipe, although he didn’t measure the ingredients. I used to always eat sweet breakfast creations, but now I really crave savory. This hits both notes and is sure to please both types of breakfast eaters!


2 slices whole grain bread (he used Alid’s GF)

2 eggs, scrambled + a splash of milk

spices to include smoked paprika, chipotle chili powder, dried Italian herbs, garlic powder, salt, & pepper

~1 T apple butter

~1 T roasted sunflower seeds

handful of wilted fresh spinach

~1 oz aged sharp white cheddar

butter for greasing the pan


Add the spices to the egg batter. Soak each slice of bread and cook on both sides in a pan. Spread the apple butter on one slice, sprinkle with seeds, add spinach and cheddar, then top with second slice of bread. Cook until cheese is melted. If there is any egg batter left, cook it and enjoy it like a crepe. 🙂 Waste not, want not!

I hope you are able to make this soon, and if you do, please let me know what you think!

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