Long Time, No Chat

I meant to share a post last week, but work and other tasks got the best of me! Here’s a recap of our weekend fun/productivity.

Friday began with an epic breakfast creation. One Van’s Ancient Grains waffle with Fage, banana, roasted butternut squash, nutmeg, and maple syrup. Then for the savory: wilted spinach, one hash brown patty, Monterrey Jack cheese, and an over easy egg. It really was an awesome combination!


You know you’re with the perfect person when even errands are fun and feel like a baby adventure. 😉 Matt and I met at the mall after work to leave his suit to be altered and steam-cleaned. We also found ties that we really hope match my bridesmaid and MOH dresses – fingers crossed!

We came across this hat and couldn’t resist being goofy!


We went by Lowe’s to find new faucets for the lake house and when leaving, Matt spotted this gorgeous sky. ❤


We had a gift card to Bonefish Grill, so we decided to treat ourselves to a date night. I love getting these photos of him! His smile is too cute.


I chose one of their specials: Bourbon Maple Salmon with green beans, and tri-color carrots.


Unfortunately, the special that Matt wanted to try was full of gluten. 😥 So he ordered the sea bass with a side of salmon.


One of Matt’s best friends came across this photo and text it to him. They were in sophomore year, or around there, of high school. He is second from the right. He looks the same except with darker, longer hair. Ha!


I was able to enjoy my breakfast on Saturday out on the patio with Rachel while she explored. Matt slept in a little bit more. I warmed a rice-based GF tortilla (they aren’t recommended) and filled with PB, Fage, banana, chia, and bacon coconut.


I had my hair trial later that afternoon, and I’m really excited about my upcoming wedding ‘do. Kaci and I went out the lake house and began washing our China and did some more cleaning while there. Once home, I made a nice salad along with a bowl of southwestern quinoa, roasted butternut squash, peppers, onion, garlic, and tri-color peppers plus cheese and an over easy egg. I was proud of how my egg turned out as I usually have Matt make them.


Dessert was a plum filled with almond butter and pumpkin seeds, washed down with a mug o’ milk.


We decided on oatmeal for Sunday breakfast. This was banana-whipped with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla then we added butternut squash, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and drizzled it with warm maple syrup. We are excited about fall, can you tell?


I love Lil Bub’s new weather app!


I couldn’t resist! It’s very nice, and I enjoyed with a piece of aged sharp white cheddar because I can’t get enough of sweet-savory combos, apparently.


Matt met with two friends at the lake house who are helping us to finish our projects. I ate a late lunch of greens, sprouts, avocado, roasted veg, quinoa, and Caesar dressing. I then had a plum with yogurt, a drizzle of tahini, and a sprinkle of the chia-buckwheat-hemp hearts cereal for dessert.


We finally have a Kroger that just opened down the road from us! I went even in the rain, I fought the crowds, and I conquered.


While I made our dinner, I also made Kylie’s 4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Bars


as well as Brittany’s Superfood Cereal Bars. Multitasking ftw!


We enjoyed meatloaf glazed with bbq sauce along with roasted green beans, and baked sweet potatoes. Yes, baked potatoes are usually served with meat loaf, but I was feeling like this variety. It did pair well.


We didn’t get enough sleep, but Matt had me laughing so hard when we were trying to go to bed. We were being goofy together, which is the best. Laughter sometimes > sleep. Hope you all have a great day!


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