Guess Who’s Back

It feels like forever since I’ve shared a post! I never intended to take such a long break from blogging, but after Matt and I got married (!) then returned home from our honeymoon, I decided to take time to settle into our new married life. The last three months have been incredible, and I do feel like the luckiest girl {cue the eye roll emoji, haha}. We’ve asked that our wedding photos be reedited, so once we receive them, I will definitely share some of our favorites as well as a recap of our honeymoon in Asheville, NC.

On to a recap of last weekend! Saturday began with delicious gluten free pancakes thanks to King Arthur’s gluten free pancake mix that I found at Target. I made them with peanut oil instead of butter, and it really stood out in both scent and taste. We loved them! Topped with apple, banana, and maple with a side of steak.


I took care of some chores around the house and then finally made my way down to the Y. I had an awesome workout and then met Matt at his dad’s to eat lunch. He has been working on his race care in preparation for a track weekend in March. Can’t wait! For lunch, we had leftovers of Turmeric Cauliflower Rice Bowl with Dill Oil thanks to Rachael of Avocado A Day Nutrition. I had purchased TJ’s frozen cauliflower rice but hadn’t decided what to make with it, but once I saw this recipe, I knew. I loved it, and it was so easy!


I had to go by the store for a few things and was in awe of the pretty sky. Even though really atypical, we have been fortunate to have very mild weather lately.


Saturday night we decided to watch Keeping Up With the Jones. It was pretty cute and had some funny parts, but it wasn’t the best. My movie snack, however, was perfect. Sea salt and cracked pepper popcorn made with chia powder, roasted mixed nuts, dried fruit, and chili spiced dark chocolate.


The babies all piled on the couch with us, and we couldn’t get over how hilarious Mason looked! The boys snuggled, and Rachel melted like butter in Matt’s arms.

After breakfast on Sunday, I took my time getting ready, and in the process, I decided to throw away my bath scale. As I continue to work towards intuitive eating, I’m moving away from relying on a number. It felt freeing.


I also saw this print on Etsy and couldn’t resist it. I hung it up next to Matt’s side of the bed.


Taziki’s recently opening in West Knoxville, so I decided to try for them for lunch.


I chose their vegetable plate. It hit the spot!


I then walked next door and stood in the long line for a customized donut from Duck Donuts. I waited about 45 minutes total in line and after placing my order.


It was worth it! I went with lemon glaze with rainbow sprinkles.


This proved to be the perfect fuel for my Barre3 class. It was so awesome!! Kaci, her future sister-in-law, and I are all attending a class together tonight. Looking forward to it!


After dragging my feet for weeks, I put my warm weather clothes on the top shelf of our closet and reorganized Matt’s clothes. Then I put together a quick and tasty dinner. I roasted sliced cabbage and topped mine with tahini + dill oil while Matt drizzled warm hickory smoked bbq sauce over his. Served with warmed cornbread and curry-spiced chickpeas with sautéed mushrooms.


I’m so glad to be back on here sharing our meals and adventures, now as The Daniels! 🙂 Hope everyone has a great start to their week!


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