Our First Holiday Season as Mr. & Mrs.

Man how I’ve missed this space! Considering the hiatus I took, I’ll need to back-track a bit to the holidays to help play catch up. I worked a half day on Thanksgiving but then we went up to his mom and step-dad’s and had a wonderful rest of the day!

I made a harvest salad with apples, walnuts, almonds, and homemade fig balsamic vinaigrette. I also used some of our leftover cornbread from the wedding (we froze a ton, and it has served us so well!) to make a gf cornbread dressing, complete with homemade cranberry sauce.


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel…no, it doesn’t get old. 😉


We also had leftover roasted root vegetables from the wedding that we simply thawed and heated. Perfect! We enjoyed his parents’ turkey with our gf gravy. An excellent meal!


For dessert, I made us a GF Pumpkin Oat Tahini Bread. We enjoyed it with yogurt and fruit salad thanks to my MIL.


We also spent Christmas at his mom and step-dad’s, and it too was a lovely holiday. It was unusually warm, though, so I almost burned up in my light sweater!

But first, brunch. We enjoyed Pumpkin Zucchini Baked Oatmeal thanks to Kylie. We enjoyed it with a dollop of Fage, maple syrup, Wild Friends Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter, and apple.


A little SnapChat shenanigans before we left the house. These kill me!


Bad lighting, but I love this photo all the same. Broke out my TOMS wedges after not wearing them for too long.


We had eaten a small lunch beforehand, so we snacked a little on the appetizers. I found the perfect natural ham from Aldi along with adorable mini potatoes that I simply roasted with salt, pepper, and fresh sage. We enjoyed roasted green beans and honey carrots. {That ring on his finger, all the heart-eye emojis.}


We both agreed not to exchange gifts, especially given we already had an incredible wedding and honeymoon. I couldn’t resist a little gag gift, though, so I snagged this cute tee off of Amazon. Best cat dad ever.


My sweet parents surprised us with Amazon gift cards, so I finally bought myself a watch that I love to wear almost daily. Gray leather band with rose gold scalloped design and a pretty white face.


I really had mixed emotions saying goodbye to 2016. While I’m so excited for our future together and always thankful for each day I’m given, 2016 was such an amazing year to us that I wasn’t ready to say “goodbye.” But I had no control over it, so we went out on an awesome note and started 2017 with an epic brunch.

Two of our friends came over New Years Eve, and we had an absolute blast! They brought fresh lobster, which was such a treat. First, we had to take an obligatory photo together as well as some SnapChats with hilarious filters. =D


Mason and Rachel even got in on the fun!

Matt and Rippy cooked the lobster while Van and I relaxed. I had made a salad for us, and they bought potato salad from the seafood shop. It was my favorite potato salad and was nostalgic to the one I remember eating at my grandparents’ house!


Our spread.


We had a relaxing evening watching funny YouTube clips and stayed up until midnight. I almost didn’t think I’d make it because dinner made my sleepy. But I persevered.

We had a light snack on New Year’s Day then got ourselves ready to try First Watch for the first time. We loved it! The atmosphere was so fun, and the food was excellent. I wore my new hoodie from my SIL that is purrfect.


I chose the smoked salmon frittata while Matt chose their hash with over easy eggs. Because the side was bread, he was able to substitute with more fruit. We were completely satisfied.


We went to Kroger afterwards and bought everything from food to new pants and flannels for Matt. You know you’re with the right person when even grocery shopping is fun.

I hope you all welcomed the new year in a fun way and have been enjoying 2017 thus far!


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