An Engagement + Our Trip to TX

On November 26th my twin sis got engaged! Her beau, Drew, asked our dad for his blessing. Dad then told me about 10 days before this was set to happen, and despite wanting so badly to tell Kase, I kept my trap shut. I was so proud of myself, especially since I met them to tailgate on the Saturday beforehand! Drew was very sneaky and invited Matt and I to meet his family at their property at Max Patch. Kaci had absolutely no clue that we would be there or that he would be popping the question!


Is her rose gold ring not gorgeous? The center diamond was Drew’s grandmother’s. So precious.


This reminds me of Captain Planet…with our rings combined 😉


My handsome man. The day was incredibly gorgeous!


Perfect blue sky.


The cabin located right off the road was hosting a live band to play on their porch. They also had hot mulled apple cider and chili. We enjoyed some of the cider and watched the band get set-up. While walking back to their property, we snapped a photo. The sun was shining so beautifully, but it was freezing!


Drew’s mom, Susan made these fun cupcakes to celebrate. Mmmm


Susan set-up their camera on the tripod and took this fun photo of us all. From the left: Kaci’s future SIL Sara with her youngest, Sara’s husband with their oldest, Drew, Kaci, their puppy Axl, Drew’s parents, and then us.


Susan was sweet to take this for us!


We got this photo after Kaci’s first wedding dress appointment. She look fabulous in them all and now knows what style she wants! Susan, me, Kaci, Sara, and Cindy, who will be Kaci’s other bridesmaid. A fabulous group of ladies. 🙂


On to Texas! Despite Matt and I being together for more than 11 years, he has never been to TX with me to visit my parents. We finally planned a visit, and although it was far too short, it was so wonderful and worth it! We flew down on Friday, January 13th and then flew back that Sunday.

Some photos together in the airport.


I snapped some in-flight photos, but they don’t do the sunset justice. It was quite beautiful.

My dad picked us up from the airport, and we three at dinner at Outback Steakhouse. It was tasty, and then we headed to the house. We got changed and relaxed for a bit before getting some Zzzz.

We had a light breakfast and coffee at the house before getting ready for lunch at HG Sply Co. I read about it on Laura’s blog, The name stands for Hunter Gatherer. Their food was phenomenal!

We ordered three items to split.

Curried sweet potato soup // coconut milk & yellow curry spiced sweet potato soup topped with crispy shaved honey-garlic brussels sprouts, candied pepitas & pomegranate seeds


Sweet and spicy Berkshire pork short ribs // Chinese 5-spice & citrus braised pork ribs, marinated cucumber salad with fresh mint, cilantro & toasted cashews


The zucchini “pasta” bowl with grilled Scottish salmon // fresh zucchini “pasta” sautéed with garlic blistered grape tomatoes, roasted eggplant, rainbow chard, caramelized onion, pickled sweet pepper & green olive, topped with toasted hemp-oat crumb


We then explored the area on foot a little bit, popping into TJ’s for oatmeal and peanut butter for Sunday morning. Unfortunately, we weren’t very bright and packed the peanut butter in Matt’s carryon luggage. They confiscated it at the airport. 😥 We also browsed in this gf bakery.

We stopped by my dad’s office and got to hang out for a while before heading home to change for dinner. It was so fun getting to see him! He wasn’t able to take off on Saturday, but we were thankful we got to still spend part of the afternoon together.

I found a restaurant called Meddlesome Moth that sounded really interesting and delicious. Dad made us a reservation, and we hoped it would turn out to be a great choice.


I have to say I was quite proud of my selection because we were all really pleased! I failed as a food blogger because I just lived in the moment and didn’t take photos of the food. It was divine, though.

Karin took this photo of us on my phone.


She then used her iPhone to take one of us, but the flash started to blind us. Lol.


Two photos of my sweet parents.


After we ate every last bite of dessert, we made our way home, changed into our pj’s, and Dad picked out the movie Philomena for us to watch. I loved it! We were party animals and stayed up to midnight their time.
On Sunday, we ate breakfast and sipped coffee, lounged around, and then we got ready and packed to unfortunately fly back home. Karin was sweet and took these photos of my dad, Matt, and me. We hadn’t planned to take photos, so she hadn’t showered yet. But I really appreciated these! Dad and Matt both started to tickle me, so we all started cheesing big time.
I had spotted this lizard on Saturday, and Karin got some awesome photos of him on Sunday!

We flew back into Nashville and made the drive to K-town. We got in about 8:30, which gave us time to eat and unpack. Kaci and Drew had stayed at our place and cared for the babies. I was proud that despite having to go grocery shopping, I was able to make us both a great lunch for Monday. This included frozen mixed vegetables, kalamata olives, avocado, Tribe garlic swirl hummus, and toast on the side. My manager had catered Salsarita’s for the staff, so I added rice, black beans, lettuce, salsa, and pico de gallo. Perfection.


Happy Friday Eve everyone!


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