Sweet Success

As always, my favorite weekend is one that is both relaxing and productive. This one was no exception. So let’s start at the beginning: Friday’s epic breakfast courtesy of Kylie’s latest oatmeal recipe, Snickerdoodle Caramelized Banana Oatmeal.


While getting ready, all three babies snuggled up in our closet for a morning nap. They looked so cozy!

Overall, Friday was a great day but had a rough moment that I worked through. When I left the clinic, I chose to treat myself to a much-needed manicure and pedicure. I nearly fell asleep in the pedicure massage chair!

We had leftover tacos for dinner, which we made with lean ground beef, McCormick’s gf taco seasoning, roasted cabbage, avocado, salsa, hot sauce, Fage, and freshly shredded aged sharp white cheddar. I also made a massaged kale salad to go along with them. I simply added extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon, and seasonings to raw organic kale from Aldi. It was on sale for a whopping $0.99 a bag. A steal!



Matt folded up his last two, and we thought they looked cute. 😉


While I was preparing our meal, I got the feeling I was being watched…

For dessert, I had half a Braeburn apple with yogurt, almond butter, cinnamon, and bacon-flavored coconut.


I slept so deep that night! I didn’t hear the babies making any noise at all for breakfast, and Matt is a sweetheart and always feeds them on the weekends. We slept until 8:00 and then made a killer brunch. Wilted spinach with smoked gouda, root vegetable hash brown patties, two over easy eggs, avocado, and orange.


Notice the different shades on the orange above? Funny story on that in a little bit.

It feels like a treat to wait and have my coffee after breakfast on the weekend, so I relaxed with it while perusing Pinterest for some inspirational quotes. I found three that I loved.

Mason also didn’t help motivate me to get moving!


I finally got myself ready and met my sister, her future SIL and MIL, and Cindy at White Lace and Promises for her second wedding gown appointment. I’m happy to say that Kaci found her dress and will definitely look stunning! I just love being with all of the girls, and I can’t wait for us to get dolled up and help her wed Drew in October. At David’s Bridal, they recited a sweet message and had me ring a bell. Kaci was given an adorable cupcake! They, along with a pretty cake were on display, at the front of the store. A local baker makes these, and she clearly does a fabulous job.

We got a sweet picture together before we left. I love that Sara and I both rocked some turquoise!


Kaci was a doll and surprised us with a dozen donuts from Maker’s Donuts! What better way to celebrate than with a locally made artisanal donut? Mmmm. I used the Boomerang app for Instagram for the first time, and I included a screenshot here. It turned out quite cute! Cheers.

I came home and had some carrots, hummus, Italian spiced roasted mixed nuts, and a banana before I went to the pet store to restock the babies’ food. I also went by Kroger and found some great deals. I received two coupons from Peanut Butter and Co. for one each free jar of peanut butter and free jar of powdered peanut butter. Score! I saw this pecan milk by Malk on clearance, so I snagged it as well.

I had been meaning to share this fun comparison of a wedding gown Lucille Ball wore for a role to my own wedding gown. I only found this photo after choosing mine, and I felt so pleased that I was drawn to a timeless style similar to her own. My mom’s gown that I shared back in my Labor Day weekend post looks even more similar!


Blue Apron had sent me a $30 gift card, so I placed one order that we received on Friday. I made their Orange and Mirin-Glazed Cod. However, remember the different colored oranges at our brunch? I was confused how that happened since I bought a bag of Navel oranges from Aldi. I then realized I had accidentally served us the Cara Cara orange that was to go with this meal. Lol! So I just used the lemon called for and omitted the orange. Because Matt cannot eat barley, I prepared Jasmine rice with chicken broth. The last modification I made was to sauté in peanut oil rather than olive. It made it more fragrant and delicious in both of our opinion.


When Matt walked back into the room, he snapped this photo of me holding Mason. He was begging to be held, and his little toosh and skinny tail cracked us both up!


It was a low-key night that involved relaxing, snuggling with the babies, and watching a show that Matt has become hooked on: The 100. I rather despise it, but marriage is about compromise. 😉 I’d much rather be sitting with him enduring the show than to not be spending time with him at all!

Dessert included chai tea with the pecan milk, which unfortunately sort of curdled and didn’t flavor it like I had hoped. You never know unless you try. I Enjoyed Fage with a plum, shredded wheat, and a spoonful of the white chocolate peanut butter I got for free.


I have a special love for Sundays because often they are relaxed, but I can get a lot accomplished in preparation for the week ahead. I’ve also taken several Barre3 classes, which always puts me in an incredible mood. However, I’m hardly ever ready to start another work week. So I still have mixed feelings towards Sunday. But enough of that melancholy talk. This is how we woke up, and it made my heart so happy.

I made us each a bowl of oatmeal using the pecan milk, espresso brava sea salt, cinnamon, and then topped them with a splash more of the milk, banana, and white chocolate pb.


I went ahead and made our next Blue Apron meal to be enjoyed for dinner tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Wild Friends peanut butter was included as an ingreident in our Blue Apron shipment!


I assembled Brittany’s Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchilada Bake so that when I got home from Barre3, all I had to do was pop it into the oven and wait for it to finish baking.

Before baking.


After. All that melted, cheesy goodness.


For some reason, the package of corn tortillas I purchased only contained 27 instead of 28, so I made this with 11 instead of 12. We topped our portions with a little crumbled corn chips, avocado, scallions, Fage, and a side of steamed veg. It was great! Can’t wait to enjoy our leftovers.


I had some fruit and yogurt, and Matt had a smoothie while we watched the latest episode of the Grand Tour. I was so pleasantly surprised when K brew shared this photo last night of Kaci and me at their main cafe! =D We love our K brew!

We didn’t sleep well, unfortunately. The babies were also mischievous, but who could be mad at this face?


Jackson is obsessed with our recycle, which we keep in the garage. He cracks us up sitting here just waiting!


With that I wish you all a fabulous day!

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