Life is a Constant Learning Process

I am going to start by briefly saying that despite being hurtful and uncomfortable initially, a lesson presented itself recently that has given me reason to reflect. Ultimately, I have become better because of it, so while surprising, I can now say I appreciate it.

Alright, so now on to my weekend recap! I’m going to start with Thursday evening because my sister got to stay with us. We had scheduled dental cleanings for all three of our purr-babies early Friday morning, so it worked out to have her stay so we could make it on time. I loved the sleepover! Kaci and I attended Barre3 Thursday evening, but before I met her at the studio, I took the time to make Erin’s Roasted Carrot Soup. So when we got home, I simply had to heat it for each Matt, Kaci, and myself. Score! I made a nice salad and toast to complete the meal.

Post dinner SnapChat shenanigans. Kase had a bite of apple in her mouth, and I was cheesin’ so bad. I love this!! Flower crown twinkies.


After we checked in the babies, we did some grocery shopping. Although considered a mundane task, I had a blast together because we used to run errands together a lot more before we moved apart. It’s now something I treasure even more. We picked up a fresh bouquet to take to our grandparents’ gravesite. ❤


We had the pleasure of visiting Oak Ridge Floral Company to discuss Kaci’s wedding flowers, and we are both so excited to see how they turn out this coming October! They did my flowers, and I was beyond pleased. I treated us each to a decadent truffle from their case: mint chocolate chip for me and butter pecan for Kase. Both were perfect!


The babies all did well and have healthy teeth, which gave us relief. Unfortunately, the pre-surgery blood work revealed that our sweet girl has either pre-diabetes or diabetes. She’s always been very active, healthy, and maintained a healthy body weight, so to say we were shocked is an understatement. I was admittedly extremely angry because I did not think it was fair to her. I also felt a great deal of guilt for not noticing sooner. But we’re feeding her specially formualted food and will go in for a follow-up in about two weeks. I hope her levels lower considerably, allowing us to avoid having to give insulin. It breaks my heart, confuses me, but I’m trying to accept it. She’s so spunky and has tons of fight in her sassy body. 😉

For dinner, I made baked lemon garlic pepper chicken breasts with baked cabbage, Jasmine rice, and avocado.


Rachel sat in my lap, and she still looked groggy. It took hours for the meds to wear off for all three babies. Jackson, who is normally extremely sweet, growled and didn’t want to be touched. Mason did well, and Rachel was so loopy. Matt took these, and her eyes cracked us up! Check out Mason photo bombing in the second photo. Haha

Jackson was wiped out.


But once all the meds were gone, Jaxxy was so loving and snuggly.

Matt and I decided to rent Jack Reacher with a coupon from Redbox. It wasn’t great, but we agreed that paying $0.82 was worth it given it was entertaining.

For Saturday’s brunch, we decided to enjoy the last two servings of our enchilada bake topped with extra cheddar, hot sauce, an over easy egg (two for Matt), avocado, and jalapeno Greek yogurt dip from Aldi. It was fantastic!


So often, I want to get a lot of chores done, errands run, etc. that I sometimes don’t just slow down and relax with the babies. I decided to lay back down for a bit with Rachel, and she and I had an awesome cat nap. 🙂


I had originally planned to go to the gym, but treating myself to a Chick-fil-A cold brew and chocolate chunk cookie (thanks to Kylie’s Ig post about them!) followed by a neighborhood walk in the sunshine sounded like just what I needed.

I finally read this sweet book Kaci gave to be to borrow. It’s filled with wonderful stories about cats who have brought so much joy to their families. I also finished a word find because I’m really an 80 year old in a 28 year old’s body. Lol!


While simple, dinner was still amazing. Matt saved me steak that he ate at his dad’s earlier in the week, so I had it with some of the leftover cabbage, roasted green beans, and a hash brown patty with ketchup. I made the same for Matt but served him ham that we froze from Christmas. We’ve decided we need to keep ham in the freezer like this from now often because it’s so convenient!


Rachel couldn’t wait for him to get home, and Mason later snuggled in my lap. Their love means everything.

I ordered this nut butter sampler with some of my Amazon gift card, so we tried the cashew cardamom almond butter over our oatmeal on Sunday. I made the oatmeal with almond milk, chia, vanilla, berries, and peach apple sauce. It was filling and delicious!


I did make it to the gym on Sunday, and it felt awesome. When I got home, I saw that our Modern Oats, also from Amazon, had been delivered. We can’t wait to enjoy them at the race track! Healthy breakfasts here we come.


For dinner, I made Erin’s Avocado Tuna Cakes. We topped with them with the jalapeno Greek yogurt dip and had a salad with marinated red bell pepper, some of our leftover roasted carrots left chilled, and Caesar dressing. I dumped the last of our sweet chili crackers and root vegetable chips into a bowl for us to split. We loved this meal! I also love having so many Jackson photo bombs in my food photos. I feel like I should make a flip book with them. Ha!

Per usual, Monday seemed to sneak up on us, BUT I have another free Barre3 class I get to attend tonight with Kaci and her future SIL. Can’t wait! Hope you all have a great start to your week!


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