Random Ramblings on Perspective + Happiness

I’d like to start with a little humor. After Barre3 the other night, Kaci, her sweet future SIL Sara, and I all joked that we sometimes feel like Lucy in this episode, ‘The Ballet’, during class. But no matter how awesome or not so great our form or balance, we have all fallen in love with this exercise!

Now on to a quick message that I have recently come to appreciate and realize that I would like to pass along to others. I learned a valuable lesson in perspective, and it gave me food for thought.

>>Your bad hair day may be a wonderful style to someone else.

>>That “simple” bowl of oatmeal still with allthetoppings or that meal-sized salad may be decadent to another person.

>>Your modest house may be a mansion in another person’s eyes.

>>A middle-class income may be considered wealthy to another.

The point is, we do not know everyone’s story, their experiences, the good/bad/ugly they’ve survived, so myself included, could always be reminded to have compassion and patience. Easier said than done some days! But if your smile is all it takes to turn a person’s day around, then try to smile at everyone you come across. I’ll have bad days and won’t always react as well as I could or should, but I wanted to take a moment to try and spread positivity in my circle. Then maybe some of you will do the same in yours, and pretty soon, it’ll impact countless people. This post by Mackenzie, The Butterfly Effect is spot on. If you motivate someone in even the smallest way to better themselves, then you have succeeded.

Now some sweet kitty cuddles!


I *finally* printed photos from our honeymoon and photo shoot with the fur-babies, and I put them up in both of my clinic offices.


Eat Healthy Designs were so sweet and shared on their Ig Story!


Lastly, I can’t share a post without including at least one food photo. 😉 Here was our epic Waffle Wednesday breakfast. Van’s GF Ancient Grains waffles on wilted spinach topped with: Muenster, roasted veg spread, and an over easy egg / Fage Greek yogurt, thawed delicious fruit blend, and Jem Raw’s Superberry Almond Butter drizzle.


Make today a good one!

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