Sister Time, Friend Time, & K Brew Cupping

This weekend was really so wonderful and just what I needed. But let’s start with breakfast on Friday. It was such a good one!

Savory oats with spinach, cheese, bacon, and a scrambled egg plus cinnamon-spiced apple and strong coffee.


Rachel really does have it so rough. 😉


Before I headed to a free Barre3 class, I snacked on a Van’s GF waffle with avocado, Love Beets, and Sabra sea salt and pepper hummus spread.


After Barre3, I decided to pick up our dinner from Taziki’s. We split their lamb and pork entrees with rice, potatoes, and a Greek salad for us each. A bit salty but tasty!

Matt said my pork looked like Finding Dory, so we had to be goofy. My water bottle completed it. I love being silly with him!


For breakfast on Saturday I had another coffee flavored oatmeal from Aldi. This time I chose the caramel macchiato and cooked it hot then ate it out of the almost empty peanut butter jar.


I ate this lunch before I went with Kaci to my SIL’s storage unit to look through all her awesome vintage rentals. When you match your lunch, you take a photo with it. Lol


After running a few errands, I made us a throw-together bowl for dinner that turned out quite well. Cauliflower rice, lima beans, sautéed red onion and garlic, marinated pepper, the last of our baked cabbage, basil, roasted pepper spread, and topped with jalapeno Greek yogurt dip. I added avocado and beets on Matt’s bowl.


Both of the boys wanted to snuggle, so of course I had to hold both!


I found this new Twinings Earl Grey with Lavender that I made after dinner.


For dessert, I also tried Halo Top Creamery for the first time. I had a mug of the lemon cake along with an apple and nuts on the side.

We decided to watch The Accountant, and we both thought it was quite good. Not your typical Ben Affleck role!

We didn’t go to bed until midnight (I know, party animals), so we didn’t end up eating until around 10:30 Sunday morning. That’s so late for us! I made another savory oatmeal but this time with Love Grown Foods Super Oats, spices, spinach, Muenster, and an over easy egg that I made myself.


Instead of coffee, I made a chai latte by steeping a chai tea bag, sweetening it with local honey, and then I topped it with frothed milk. Delicious.


I finally got myself ready to go see one of my best friends and meet her newest little girl!


After a wonderful visit, I met Kaci over at K Brew to participate in their first free cupping class. We had a blast!


We used this chart to study and make notes on two different roasts, which have no debuted today as their newest offerings.


San Pellegrino to cleanse our palette between tasting.


We first smelled the grounds and discussed them before adding the water.

One of the owners shared these photos on their Ig Story, so I took snapshots to share here. 🙂


As were leaving and walked outside, we were met with this gorgeous sunset.


I couldn’t resist any longer, so I finally bought one of their, “Chemex and chill” tees. Love it!


Dinner was organic black bean pasta from Aldi with steamed Brussels sprouts, marinated peppers, Love Beets, homemade lemon dressing, mozzarella, and avocado.


I hope everyone is off to a lovely start this week!



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