Valentine’s Day 2017

Good Wednesday morning! I wanted to share a quick recap of our nice Valentine’s Day. It started with this incredible sunrise just outside our home. We have such a beautiful view!


I made sure to wear some pink. 😉


I also included strawberry Love Grown Power O’s and a chocolate chip cookie dough LaraBar. Valentine’s wouldn’t be the same without chocolate or strawberries. I enjoyed the Fage with nuts and cereal for a mid-morning snack and then the LaraBar as dessert with my lunch.


I’m still waiting on our wedding photographer to reedit our photos, but here are two that I love and wanted to share. Matt is the perfect Valentine. ❤


After a killer Barre3 workout led by one of my fav instructors, I came home to make this meal with Matt’s help. We simmered a roasted pepper spread with white wine, lemon juice, garlic, and basil then added the shrimp. We served it over top of greens, riced cauliflower + brown rice.


My dessert included Twinings Earl Gray with lavendar and Halo Top Lemon Cake ice cream.


This morning we tried Van’s GF Strawberry Raspberry mini waffles that I topped with Fage plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + banana, peanut butter + banana, and maple syrup + banana. Delish!


Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2017

  1. That sunrise!!! *ALL THE HEART EYES!* I LOVE Fage! YES! So good. Those pictures from your wedding—— WOW. Perfection. You looked STUNNING. AND THAT DRESS! And all the food per usual looks delish! Loved reading this!

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