Good News + Good Vibes

I want to start by saying I love Matt and my weekday evenings together, and lately, I’ve had wonderful work weeks. But nothing beats the weekend. They always make it so hard to accept Monday again!

Friday began with a fun breakfast creation that Matt and I brainstormed together. We split a baked potato and melted cheddar into it before topping it with an over easy egg. A Van’s Strawberry Raspberry Mini Waffle sheet topped with peanut butter, banana, cinnamon, clove, and Fage. We also had a GF teriyaki beef jerky that his mom gave to him for Christmas. They don’t have a distinctly teriyaki flavor, so it’s not as strange a combo as it sounds.


Jackson always comes downstairs to see me off in the morning! He’s such a gentleman. He tucked himself in his box, which cracked me up. Silly baby.


I went by Kroger for several things and stumbled upon the Planter’s Nut Mobile. I’d never seen it before, I thought it was adorable! They were handing out free packets of peanuts, so I put them with my pretzels in the glove box for an emergency snack.

I spent more than I planned (this always happens when I go to Kroger), but I found some great deals. The coconut oil was from Big Lots, but was still a bargain.


Kase came over, and I so loved our time together! By the time she left, we’d laughed so hard that my makeup was starting to run down my face. That’s when I know I had a good time with my twinklet. 😉


I roasted the above vegetables and made Matt and I tuna salad sandwiches. I forgot the pickle, so I added them to our plates after snapping this photo.


If you don’t move quick enough, then you’ll lose your seat around here. Haha


We were up early Saturday morning because Rachel had her first follow-up vet appointment to monitor her blood glucose improvements. Matt and I made breakfast tacos with gluten free Mission flour tortillas. Their ingredients aren’t great, but the satisfaction of having what tastes like the real deal outweighed that fact. Sometimes you just have to live a little. We had tomato slices with Chobani Meze dip along with the last apple.

I saw these and really loved them. They are great reminders to maintain a positive attitude.

I’m so happy to report that Rachel’s glucose had come down 100 units! No insulin is needed at this time, and we will be continuing to provide her with specially formulated food. So thankful, and we were so proud of our sweetie! She behaved so well at the vets. She decided to dump out all my purse’s contents in order to make herself cozy. Love this sassy girl!


Once home, I put those peanuts and pretzels to use. They didn’t last long in my car at all. Lol. I paired them with dried fruit and baby carrots.


Kylie shared her ‘self care’ chart recently, and I really loved it. I decided to try my hand at my own.


Matt and I decided to invest in an electric tea kettle for home and our race weekends. I found this Bodum model on Amazon, and so far, we love it!


For Saturday’s dinner, I made lemon artichoke chicken thighs and served them with 90-second brown rice and warmed roasted vegetables.


We enjoyed our fruit and yogurt for me/smoothie for Matt while watching an episode of Bones.

After getting a great night’s sleep, I made us peach and cherry baked oatmeal using Two Peas and Their Pod’s recipe. It was delicious! But while we waited for it to bake, I had some Greek yogurt out of our nearly empty peanut butter jar.


We drizzled our servings with a little maple syrup once we had tasted it. Made it perfect.


Matt and I were able to file our taxes. Woohoo, adulthood! I also meal planned and prepped, including this pasta salad for some of our lunches.


I made us wraps for lunch that included Sabra Sea Salt and Pepper Spreadable Hummus, Muenster, cucumber, Sweet Fire Love Beets, and spinach. We had Chobani Meze dip with carrots on the side.

I also had sweet finish with milk chocolate covered pretzels. Clearly Mason wanted a taste.


I visited Rural King, a store near our home. They’re like a Tractor Supply but with some animals, like baby chicks, pigs, and rabbits. I’d never been in a store quite like it.


I made my way down to the Y, and I enjoyed an awesome walk around the field…in February!


Once back home, I finally took a shower and washed our bedding. I always feel better if I can start the week with our food put together and home clean.

This stinker was being so adorable while I started prepping our dinner.


I used a recipe from Whitney Bond that I made changes to based on what we had on hand. Matt later came home and helped reduce the wine-broth mixture, and we added Worcestershire and brava espresso sea salt to it. It was phenonmenal!

Before cooking | After cooking

We served it with roasted green beans. Matt said it was quite possibly the most tender and flavorful pork tenderloin he’d ever eaten. I was so flattered and happy to enjoy a lovely meal with him!


One more up-close.


This morning began early with Jaxxy demanding breakfast, and I burned my mouth on my oatmeal. Womp womp. But it’s been a fantastic day, and I’m thankful for it! Have a great start to the week!


4 thoughts on “Good News + Good Vibes

  1. I am a big believer in the strange food combos, and I can’t believe I’ve never tried an egg with a potato?! That sounds SOOO good! I mean it makes sense- like hash browns and eggs. And go Rachel! What good news about her glucose! I also LOVE beets and I haven’t really thought about putting them in a wrap. Have I mentioned how glad I am to have found your blog?! So many yummy ideas! So glad all is going so well- I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Kori!

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