So Long Winter, Hello Spring!

Although it was still really cold this morning, today marks the first official day of spring. Finally! I’m not one to rush time as I appreciate each day I’m given, but I’m thankful we’re moving into warmer weather. So, this past weekend was crazy awesome. Let’s get to the recap!

Friday began with a Modern Oats oatmeal cup. I chose the apple because it was in a green cup, and it was St. Patrick’s Day after all. Um, yea, I didn’t do so well planning for the theme this year. Lol


But you know I wore my green. No getting pinched for me! Also, Rachel wanted to be included in my {poorly lit} selfie. 😉


Friday marked the last day with my second of four dietetic interns this spring. It’s always sad when  it comes to a close. I really enjoy chatting with and getting to know them a little as well as sharing some fun stories and laughs. I feel fortunate I get to help them in a small way as they prepare to enter the dietetics field.

I met up with Kaci at Barre Belle for a Barre class after work. Grabbed a photo together with the front-facing camera. Not always that flattering, haha. But love my girl!


I have now been using the five pound weights for many of the exercises, which focus on static holds and small pulses to fatigue the muscles, so five pounds is a lot in terms of the type of exercises. Feeling pretty darn strong and proud of my progress!


I put together nachos using fire roasted tomatoes, black beans, spices, freshly shredded aged sharp white cheddar, scallions, and then topped with Fage. Side salad to complete the meal. We had run out of salsa, so I used the canned tomatoes. Overall, we enjoyed it, but the juices caused a few chips to become soggy. Whoops.


Kaci surprised me with Maker’s Donuts’ Irish Car Bomb donut! They describe it as, “a savory Guinness reduction with a Bailey’s Irish Crème glaze on top of our chocolate cake donut dusted with chocolate cookie crumbles.” Holy deliciousness. I enjoyed it with a mug of milk, snuggles with the babies and Matt, all curled up on the couch watching one of our shows.

On Saturday, I made a larger batch of steel cut oatmeal and then topped ours with blueberries, spices, sunflower seeds, mixed nut butter, and maple.


This kid knows how to relax!


I actually got myself ready on time and met up with Kaci, Sara, Susan, and Cindy at White Lace and Promises to choose our bridesmaid dress!


Sara found the absolute perfect dress, which we all immediately fell in love with. It came in the unique color we were wanting, AND it was at least $100 less from the one we initially were eye-balling. Such a score! As always, I loved spending time with them. WLP is so cute, and I love their dĂŠcor!

I ran a few errands out west then treated myself to a late lunch at Tomato Head. I chose their special “Rain” pizza by the slice that included a garlic oil base, cheese, prosciutto, fresh pineapple, fresh arugula, and a lemon sorghum vinaigrette. I added a side salad with chipotle ranch. It hit the spot!


I stopped by Matt’s dad’s to see his progress on his car. He decided to go ahead and switch out the motors. Yes, he’s crazy talented and is anxious to see how it will perform. Unfortunately, it’s proven to be a quite headache, but as always, he’ll get it all taken care of! Old motor removed / new motor put into place. I love the color he chose! The lighting makes it all look blue to me, but the motor is a unique blue-green.

I went by the store (we’re always in need of food it seems), and then I went home to begin prepping dinner. I baked a whole chicken sans the skin and seasoned with spices and barbeque sauce.

While it baked, I enjoyed this beet carrot juice from Aldi along with a wedge of gouda to tide me over until dinner. It was the perfect size appetizer.


The babies started in on the left side of our loveseat, and once fabric was broken, it’s like they were compelled to create more damage. Enter the classy owl duct tape, which lasted all of one night. Fur-kids 😉


We each enjoyed a thigh with roasted vegetables and Uncle Ben’s 90-second garlic brown rice and quinoa.


For dessert, I polished off a pb jar with Fage, fruit, and mint dark chocolate. Mmm


It may or may not get old, but I cannot get over how cute our babies are and cannot resist sharing! I did y’all the favor of blurring out my just woken up self, but Jackson was so super cuddly! Matt captured this, and his position cracked us up! So proud of his body. Lol


I was rather proud of the brunch I thought up and executed. Fresh fruit salad with corn English muffin topped with organic pomegranate jelly.


Asparagus, arugula, goat cheese, and smoked salmon individual frittatas. Perfect brunch, in my opinion, to welcome spring!


My absolute favorite thing to do now is meet up with these beauties for a killer Sunday workout. This class was so tough, but I felt like I really gave it my all and was thankful for it! Post 60-minute sweaty hot sculpt yoga class ❤


Once home, I threw together Fage, cinnamon, shredded wheat, ground golden flax, roasted salty pumpkin seeds, maple, and bacon flavored coconut.


Kaci came over and hung out for the afternoon, which is always such a treat. The babies and I loved seeing her! After a much-needed shower, I did some cleaning and Monday meal prep. I made a big batch of rice that I then incorporated with spinach, black beans, scallions, peppers and onion, heated then topped with salsa, Fage, and chips for dinner.


We had our dessert while watching a show on Netflix called Lie to Me. We’ve become hooked.

My Sunday workouts always help me to clear my head, boost my mood, and set the tone for the week. I hope you all make it a great one!


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