Upin’ the Status Dough

Knoxville is quickly becoming the donut capital of the south! One of my best friends told me about the shop her brother-in-law would co-own, Status Dough. Their grand opening was last weekend, so you know I had to partake! I made sure to eat a good, protein-filled breakfast then got myself ready quickly. Wilted spinach with an over easy egg (that I made, which I was proud of), hash brown patty with ketchup, goat cheese, and a banana.


The first 200 customers on each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday received a free donut. I made it in time, woohoo!


It’s super cute!


I chose their raspberry filled, which was perfectly tart and balanced the sweet dough. I ordered their special donut and a coffee, and the coffee was smooth and delicious. I ate half and felt satisfied.


Lunch was a bean-based pasta salad I had made for the week along with melted mozzarella + parmesan and an apple on the side.


That eye ❤


I had made a Target run on Thursday and picked up two Kevita drinks for Matt and I to split. The first one we tried was the lemon cayenne, which we loved! On Friday, we split the mango coconut. Equally delicious. Funny side note was that Matt failed to read where it said to, “swirl gently.” He shook it, and it spewed a bit. Men, haha.


Dinner was seasoned baked salmon with kalamata olives, beet and cucumber side, wild rice, and cauliflower rice.


I had the second half of my donut with Fage and peanut butter. Genius combination! 😉


Saturday morning we enjoyed Kylie’s latest recipe for overnight oat bars. Ohmygosh so good! I topped mine with thawed berries and an apple while Matt made gouda scrambled eggs for more filling protein.


I got ready and met Kaci at the vets for Rachel’s check-up regarding her glucose management. So happy to report that she is doing incredibly well on her special diet with no medications needed! We don’t have to go back until June. We went back to Kaci’s place and hung out with Rachel before heading out for lunch. I had orginially planned for us to try A Dopo, but I failed to check their hours. Doh! So we went with plan b and dined at Central Flats and Taps. It was a delicious plan b. It was breezy, but we sat out on the patio, and it was perfect.


We each had a salad to start, and we chose their aphrodite salad dressing that is made from balsamic vinegar, tahini, sesame oil, and fresh herbs. It was awesome!


I ordered the Varsity: fired roasted marinara base, Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, red onions, sauerkraut, and herb cheese blend. Loved the addition of the sauerkraut!


Kaci got the Formaggio and Herb: herb infused olive oil, fresh herbs, and a mix of gouda, mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, and feta cheeses. We traded one slice each. This lunch definitely hit the spot.


We had planned to go see the new Power Rangers movie, but the weather was too beautiful to spend it inside a theater. We went back to her place and had a girls’ day with Rachel! She was so full of sass and love. Even when Matt didn’t feed her breakfast on account of needing to fast, she still snuggled with us and never was angry. I think she knows were trying to protect and care for her as best we can!


We walked around her townhome complex, and then I had a little mug of two types of cereal, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, and Cruze Farm milk.


When I got home, I saw that my Pixi Beauty order had arrived. I love this brand! I got some more tinted moisturizer, violet eye liner, sunscreen, and a free ‘sweet peach’ tinted lip balm.


I wore the eye liner today and am already obsessed. I love having fun with the color of my eye liner.


For dinner, I made us each a salad that I topped with the remainder of our bbq chicken salad and a side of sweet potato chips. They are so good!


Dessert include Fage, spices, a banana, and a Back to Nature Salted Caramel Pecan cookie.


This is how we woke up on Sunday. Mason had nestled himself between us like a human. He kills me with his cuteness!


All three of my boys. ❤ And yes, I somehow fit. We’ll need a queen bed one day.


I wonder where Rachel could’ve been? 😉 This reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, ha!


I came up with our breakfast and was rather proud of my savory brunch creation. Two Van’s GF Ancient Grains waffles topped with melted gouda, roasted pepper spread, mashed avocado, spinach, and a fried egg; grapes on the side.


My sweet manager surprised me with these roses on Friday! Our clinic scored number one for quality in 2016!


We had planned to complete a hot vinyasa class, but we decided a chill day at the park sounded like what we needed. I brought my leftover pizza plus spinach tossed with Caesar dressing. Pizza picnic in the park with my peeps – aliteration at its finest. Lolz


It was windy and overcast and started to sprinkle, but the dogwoods were still very pretty.


We went to Kaci’s future in-laws home to hang out with her MIL-to be. We browsed mother-of-the-groom dresses, then Kaci and I took Axl on a walk. When we got back, I enjoyed the last of the mixed nut butter with Fage and a banana. Then I let Axl lick out of it, and he was one happy pup!


I went by our Aldi in Bearden, and they’ve already been renovated. All Aldi locations are set to get a face-lift of sorts, and it was so nice! I found these organic whole bean coffees for less than $5 each – score! I tried the Peru roast this morning, and it’s delicious!


Jax looked like he was levitating. Such a cute loaf!


I roasted a pan of seasoned green beans, onion, mushrooms plus two bulbs of garlic for some meals this week. I layered this on top of organic mixed greens, cauliflower rice and wild rice, cannelini beans, tomatoes, and sweet potato chips. I grated some parmesan and drizzled Casear over Matt’s bowl.


I made a smoothie with our beet lemon juice from Aldi and an apple. We called it a night at a good time, but man it was hard to get up this morning! We toasted our leftover oat bars, and we loved them both chilled and heated. I can’t wait to make more!

Have a great day and week ahead!

6 thoughts on “Upin’ the Status Dough

  1. Woah! Looks like you’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of delicious food! That donut with the Fage and pb combination is just genius! I just nominated you for the Foodie Alphabet challenge! Go check out my most recent blog post – I had a lot of fun making the foodie alphabet, and I think you will too! TGIF xoxo Steph

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well you know I’m in love with the title of this already! Any place with a punny name draws me right in! It looks ADORABLE! Girl, I would have chose the same donut! I feel like so many people hate on raspberry/strawberry filled donuts, but they have always been one of my favorites since I was little. That picture is making me drool! LOVE Kevita. Especially when I have a tummy ache, I like to get the ginger one. (Oh men… always missing the details 😉 ). Hahha. AHHH donut + Fage sounds like a DREAM- the sweet with the almost sour of fage….. YES YES YES! I need to try that. MMmm all that pizza looks delish too. I love all the flower pictures too! Such a fun post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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