A Spring Cold, Kitty Cuddles, & a Visit to Ijam’s

Good rainy Monday morning from Tennessee! We went from gorgeous weather yesterday to a downpour. April showers bring May flowers, after all.

Backing up to Wednesday night, I could feel my throat was slightly swollen/closed up some, but I tried to ignore it. By Thursday morning, it hadn’t improved. Still, I went to work, went on two walks, and overall, I felt alright. Friday was a different story. I woke up heavily congested with a cold having moved in overnight. I still had breakfast and coffee with Matt, saw him out the door, then I crawled back into bed.

Glutino GF corn English muffin with cheddar, egg, spinach, roasted pepper spread, and avocado plus grapes on the side.


The boys know how to take care of me and gave me their sweet love. ❤


After getting myself up, showered, and dishes + laundry tended to, I put together this smoothie. Frozen tropical fruit, beet lemon juice from Aldi, Fage plain Greek yogurt, and spinach. I topped it with shredded wheat crumbles and peanut butter.


Lunch was a tasting plate of sorts with smoked Gouda Triscuits, ham, chicken strips, carrots, Sabra hummus, warmed pecans, and cinnamon-spiced banana.


I did get myself out on a walk, and it felt wonderful. I tried to stay as active and productive as I could, but I was pretty puny.

I was in the mood for warm soup, so I sauteed cabbage and onion with spices, fresh roasted garlic, a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, chicken broth, and red lentil pasta. I topped ours with tomatoes and freshly grated parmesan. Mason was giving his daddy a belly massage. 😉


Sweet Rachel curled up in my lap while we watched our show, Lie to Me.


Matt was a sweetie and made me a mug of Earl Grey tea sweetened with local honey. Jaxxy was stretching in the background.


This is what I woke up to. I mean, I don’t think they could be any cuter. Jackson is so snuggly with Matt now! I’m chopped liver. Haha


I hadn’t made Kath’s banana-whipped stovetop oatmeal in forever, so I made them with cinnamon, espresso brava sea salt, and milk. Topped with the remainder of the banana sliced and peanut butter. I tried a bit of Matt’s savory oatmeal, and of course it tasted better to me than this sweet version. Lol.


This face!


After showering and applying some make-up, I already felt quite a bit better. I went down to The Bread Shed and had a fabulous lunch while writing this post about my story on nutrition and disordered eating.


Target Optical let me know my new prescription glasses and sunglasses were ready. As much as I loved my teal pair, they were not correct for my face. They left a pressure mark on the bridge of my nose, so I got yet another pair. This time they, along with my Rx sunglasses, will last me many years to come. I love them! Rose pink with multicolored sides, complete with purple and turquoise. I love Target’s selection and awesome customer service!


I did some grocery shopping at Kroger (saved almost $11 in coupons, thankyouverymuch), and I got this free LaraBar thanks to Kroger’s free Friday coupon program.


We had the remainder of our homemade sloppy joe meat with a side of roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner. I added a slice of a delicious sharp cheddar that Matt picked up the other day.


Dessert included Fage, apple, ground flax, pecans, and a sea salt caramel pecan cookie. After eating one, I decided that’s all I wanted, so I put the other one back. Intuitive eating ftw.


Another morning, another cuddle sesh with these two. I couldn’t use flash because it causes Jackson to crane his neck. 😉


I got up before Matt and made our pancakes and bacon plus ground a whole bag of organic coffee from Aldi before I woke him up for brunch. I had accidentally kept him up sniffling, so I tried to let him sleep longer. I made these pancakes a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, I should’ve saved a little of the mix. Our first batch was super fluffy, but these came out really thin. Like with most foods, there are “about” x servings. So when I used 7.5 oz of the 15-oz box, I realized yesterday that it wasn’t a full 15 oz. I just pretended these were fancy crepes. No mistakes in the kitchen, just happy accidents. =D


One last cuddle photo because I can’t resist. That sleepy eye. ❤


We finally got over to Ijam’s Nature Center for a walk, and it was incredible! The perfect temperature with bright blue skies. Love my man! {I was wearing my new Rx sunglasses, which are a dark green/purple torty design.}


We saw this neat teepee of sorts, so of course I had to get a picture.


Spring blooms.


As we were leaving, we saw one of the employees talking to a small group of people about this adorable owl. I politely tried to get a photo. It’s blurry, but I was so excited to see an owl. I told Matt it was a sign that I should’ve been there and that we were leaving just as we were supposed to. It made sense to me.


I treated us to a late lunch at Tandur, which I’ve wanted to try for a while now. I had to get a photo of Matt walking towards it. I told him I need to start a series of just these photos of him. Ha!


I loved the bright, cheerful interior.


I ordered their Tika Masala with lamb meatballs, brown rice, and okra fries.


Matt chose their Vindaloo with lamb meatballs as well, basmati rice (they accidentally gave him double portions, which he happily polished off), and mango slaw. Everything was really tasty!


Dinner was a really simple salad with hummus and plantain chips.


I couldn’t miss out on National Pb and J Day, so I had the two over Fage + vanilla extract and a sprinkle of Bakery on Main GF granola.


I’m happy to report that I’m nearly 100% over my cold and feel much better, especially now that I have well-fitting eyeglasses. Glasses > contacts for me. I hope everyone has a fabulous day and week ahead!

4 thoughts on “A Spring Cold, Kitty Cuddles, & a Visit to Ijam’s

  1. Kori, it was so nice for me to be able to read this little update! OK- those smoked gouda triscuits- I saw them and was super close to grabbing them! What are your thoughts?!?! Oh my goodness- your kittens are adorable! Also- I LOVEEEE Lie to Me! I FLEW through the seasons. So good. Your oatmeal also always looks amazingly scrumptious. I also LOVE your new glasses! That hike looked like a blast…It reminded me of Ohio, so now I’m all homesick after looking at those pictures! I’m so glad you are feeling all better now- and I hope this week ended on a terrific note for you ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love them! They have a good flavor, and I love the texture of Triscuits. I’m so glad I found someone else who has seen Lie to Me – we’re going through the seasons so quickly too!! Thanks so much for your sweet compliments!! I didn’t want to have to buy new glasses, but admittedly, I love the change. We love Ijam’s, and we plan to hike there more. Thank you, this week has ended quite well. I certainly hope the same is true for you! XO

      Liked by 1 person

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