My Food Alphabet

Stephanie from Avolicious nominated me to create my own food alphabet. It was a fun exercise that got me thinking of some fun foods that I really enjoy. I hope that if there’s something on my list that you haven’t tried, then you’ll do so soon. Never know if you’ll like a food unless you try it!

A avocado [Sliced, mashed, guacamole – it’s heavenly any which way you serve it.]

B beet [Can’t beet it! ;)]

C carrot [Matt and I love our carrots!]


E eggplant

fish [All the seafood.]

G garlic [Minced, roasted, dried – I’ve never found a version I didn’t love!]


iced coffee [Mmmm coffee.]

J jicama [Sliced and enjoyed with citrus  fruits is amazing!]

K kiwi

L lemon [I get my love of lemon from my mother’s dad. She always baked him a lemon

meringue pie for his birthday. <3]

M mango

N nuts [I have never tried a nut I didn’t like. haha]

O orange

P peanut butter [I eat it practically every day!]

Q quiche [I have been eating so many more eggs, and they really are perfect in so many


R radish [Sliced, layered on quality bread spread with real butter + a sprinkle of sea salt

is the best.]

S spinach [Raw or cooked!]

T tomatoes [Especially those from my grandfather’s garden during my childhood!]


W white cheddar [Pretty much all cheese.]


yogurt [Fage is my favorite for sure!]

Z zucchini [Roasted is my favorite.]

Matt helped me to complete a few last night, and it was really fun to brainstorm together. We could not think of anything for “U” or “X”, though! Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “My Food Alphabet

  1. Ahh!! I love this Food Alphabet! I love the side commentary you included to each food. Mack (from Mack Marie) introduced me to jicama and I haven’t tried it yet. I was surprised to see it again in your food alphabet. How do you eat it? I’m really interested in trying out this popular food that I have never heard before! Thanks for sharing! xoxo Steph

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    1. You simply peel, slice, and enjoy! It’s typically eaten raw, and my favorite combo is with orange segments and avocado slices. Jicama has been described as crisp like an apple but slightly similar to a potato. Hopefully that makes sense, ha. Let me know what you think!


  2. LOVE your foodie alphabet!! SOOO fun. I really want to do this post sometime soon. I am going to have to rack by brain for the U and X for sure. It’s like a fun challenge! Lemon meringue anything is always my go-to. I just started having an obsession with it in recent years. Have you tried Lemon Meringue “no cow” bars? I love them, but some people don’t like the texture!

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