Cakes Squared & Other Delicious Eats

Cakes being of the pancake and salmon cake variety. 😉

On Thursday evening, I made us a double-batch of Love Grown Super Oats Pancakes that turned out really well! We each had two and split one topped with Fage, blueberries, and maple syrup.


I received a voucher from one of our local Chick-fil-a locations for a free item for each month of April, May, and June. This month was good for their original chicken sandwich. Typically, I would order the grilled, but it wasn’t an option. So I got this to have with the salad I’d made for lunch, and you know what? It was really tasty and nostalgic!


I did some grocery shopping at Kroger (and saved ~$30, woot!), and I finally got to try this Cinnamon Roll Larabar. It’s awesome!


I don’t know how I ever forgot about my BUBumper sticker, but I found it in my glovebox. I put it on my driver’s side back passenger window, and she’s so cute!


I made Kylie’s crispy salmon cakes for dinner. They were amazing! But I did a bad job of cutting up the asparagus, so the pieces were too big and prevented many of the cakes from staying together. Oh well. Matt was still really appreciative. 🙂


Dessert included a banana with drippy peanut butter and some of our chocolate coconut Qi’a cereal.


On Saturday, we each made banana, peanut butter, and Fage stacks with the remainder of our Love grown pancakes plus maple syrup drizzled over top. Matt included ham in his and gave me a bite. Love sweet-salty combos!


Rachel was being so goofy and adorable as I got cleaned up for the day! She loves our tub and gets more use out of it than we do.


I took a Barre3 class on late Saturday morning, and it was incredible! I love being challenged. I popped over to First Watch and got an English muffin with smoked salmon along with their Morning Meditation juice. Fueled me as I ran some errands out west.


Finally took my car through the car wash, and she looks so much better!


I made Brittany’s apple cider vinegar chicken, which we both loved.


I ate on a snack plate of carrots, radishes, edam cheese, avocado, and new-to-me chips.


I cooked down the marinade and spooned it over the chicken served on a bed of greens. We enjoyed wild rice with an eggplant spread and sugar snap peas sautéed in peanut oil.


I had Fage, frozen berries, nuts, and orange almond dark chocolate for dessert. We watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I loved it!


We woke up with all three babies with us. Never. Gets. Old.


I got up and did some cleaning and had a small mug of Love Grown Super Oats oatmeal.


Once Matt was up, I made us fluffy scrambled eggs with asparagus and goat cheese over wilted greens with an orange on the side. Matt had a hash brown patty with ketchup as well. So filling and delicious! We love eggs, that’s for sure.


I got ready and came down to K brew to enjoy their newest craft drink: The Dogwood. It includes house-made strawberry-lemon syrup, K Brew espresso, fresh basil, and candied lemon peel, mixed on ice and chilled tonic water. Holy moly. So different and so amazing!


Happy National Siblings Day to my sweet, wonderful twinklet!


I love this photo of us (!), but I’m not a fan of the edit or sun streak. So just ignore those, but I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to be by my side as my Maid of Honor on the best day of my life.


Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Cakes Squared & Other Delicious Eats

  1. Ahhh- I don’t eat meat anymore, but if I ever indulge it would be on an original Chik’n sandwich. ❤ Reminds me of my childhood too. My sister and I used to chant “Chik-fil-A” on the way home from church when we were really little. Oh YUM! Those crab cakes… I need to look at Kylie’s recipes more! I didn’t realize she had so many awesome ones on there! I LOOOOOVE First Watch! It’s one of my ALL time favorite breakfast places, but we don’t have any out here It’s always a must when I go back to Ohio though! I bet DJ would love that apple cider chicken- It looks delishhh. Have you tried Mary’s Gone Crackers? They kind of look like those new-to-me ones, and they're my favorite! Especially with cheese! MOSER ROTH- Aldi ❤ You and your sister are so beautiful. I am forever obsessed with your wedding dress too. I am having so much fun catching up on your posts! I can’t even explain!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That childhood memory is adorable! First Watch is so good! I have tried Mary’s Gone Crackers, and I loooove them. I’ll need to stock up soon. I appreciate that so much! I love my twin sis very much, and I have her to thank for giving me the final “push” to get my dress. I fell in love as soon as I tried it on, and she too was in awe by it.

      Liked by 1 person

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