Earth Day / Rain, Rain, & More Rain / Rejuvenation

Before I get into our weekend recap, I wanted share a few of our wedding photos that my amazing and sweet step-mom re-edited for us. We do not like the coloring of our photos, so my step-mom has offered to fix our favorites over time.


My dad was incredible and kept me laughing as we came down the aisle.


Super cheesy laugh!


I absolutely adored our photo booth set-up in our one-room A-frame! That couch ❤


One of my all time favs.


My heart fell in love with my dress as soon as I saw the back.


Dancin’ fools. 😉


Matt’s awesome best friends!


Our videographer shared our wedding video trailer, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am. We’ll be receiving our video tomorrow, and I cannot wait!

Alrighty, on to the weekend. I snapped a photo of my Friday breakfast, but it came out unclear. I think my camera lens was dirty, whoops. I had an open-faced English muffin with cheese, chunky eggplant tomato sauce, and an egg over greens.

I just love my Lucy desk calendar! This is Kaci and me for sure.


For dinner, I made lemon and ‘Everything but the Bagel’ seasoned chicken with Alexia seasoned sweet potato fries and steamed Brussels sprouts.


Dessert included green tea with honey plus Fage topped with dried mulberries, cherries, and dates, drizzled pb, and a salty caramel pecan cookie.


I found these sweet potato Kashi flakes and decided to try them with banana and pb for breakfast on Saturday.


Cereal is never enough to keep me full, so I had an egg over spinach + three kitty photo bombs!


I got myself all ready to attend Tandur Indian Kitchen‘s Earth Day event. It was really fun!


Side note was that I found a bottle of Life Wtr at Big Lots that I had to buy. Their labels are made my artists and are so pretty!


Tandur had samples of their samosas, chicken and vegetable, that were delicious.


I also tried their mango lassi – so refreshing.


I received this free henna tattoo that I really like!

It didn’t stop there. They gave out potted basil seeds and a free jar of a spice blend!

They are promoting better treatment of the environment and have a Seeds of Green Pledge challenge. Each challenge completed awards you points with the person earning the most winning a prize basket. You better believe I’m participating!

I met up with Kaci, and we carpooled over to our friend, Brooke’s adorable house. She hosted a DoTerra essential oils class. It had been far too long since we all saw each other and definitely plan to get together again soon! We’ve been friends for 21 years. Wow!


Kaci and I each one a bottle of orange essential oil!


I snacked on carrots with Caesar, curry roasted fava beans, and smoke gouda Triscuits.


For dinner I made baked salmon seasoned with the Tandur spice blend along with wild rice, Brussels (they were the vegetable of the weekend, apparently), and pickled beets.


I thawed blueberries, mixed them with Fage, and topped it with cranberry orange seed/granola clusters. Matt and I watched Passengers. It was an alright movie, but it honestly doesn’t matter the movie. I just love our movie nights.


This is how Jax was sitting before we crawled into bed. Lol!


Saturday night I made the last of our steel cut oats. On Sunday morning, I portioned it and heated our bowls with cinnamon, milk, vanilla and almond extracts, and dried fruit. We topped them with honey, pb, and sunflower seeds.


Thanks to Kroger’s Free Friday program, I picked up this new Jell-O pudding. Nostalgic! I made it in the morning to chill. Clearly May wanted some too!


I had bought this salad with shrimp from Tandur and split it between us. I added spinach, cuke, and carrots. It was fabulous!


My MIL made this beanie, and with our drop in temperature plus tons of rain, I figured I might as well wear it to the store. I love it and already received a compliment!


That no-shower no make-up look. 😉 Rocked my Vans that I’ve had 11 years now.


My Mac charge cord refuses to work, so I had to tape it so that my laptop would continue to charge. When push comes to shove…


I snacked on pudding with Hippie Foods granola. Delicious! Does the pudding have the best ingredients? No, but small treats like this will not harm your health, trust me.


Matt is a genius and suggested I use the leftover liquid from our pickled beets when cooking a grain. I cooked plan quinoa in it and added marinated artichoke hearts – gorgeous! Served with some of the leftover chicken and Brussels.


I hope everyone is off to a fabulous start! I’m really looking forward to this week and weekend because Saturday is Matt’s birthday! This weekend thankfully recharged me for the work week ahead.

6 thoughts on “Earth Day / Rain, Rain, & More Rain / Rejuvenation

  1. OH MY GOOOOODNESSS! Your step-mom did such an amazing job- these photos are breath-taking and so crisp. I know I’ve said this a million times, but I am forever obsessed with your dress and your wedding. If I could go back in time I think I would have chose a dress more like yours. I tried finding one when I was shopping, but nothing seemed to work. I have large hips compared to my top too, so it created weird creases in most of the dresses unfortunately. But you wore it absolutely perfectly. I love that you attended that Earth Day!!! So fun! Curry roasted fava beans sound like a dream. I bet they would be amazing tossed in a salad too! Which PB do you use again? I know it was mentioned in another post, but I can’t remember, and it looks SO good. I love that you have had those Vans for 11 years! I still have my Uggs I bought in 8th grade and wear them around the house like slippers. DJ always jokingly makes fun of them! Ok- the way you used the leftover liquid to cook the quinoa- GENIUS! I am totally keeping this in mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you know just how much your comment means to me. We’ve struggled to love our photos because the initial edits were so terrible. My step-mom is truly an angel and has been working hard to correct as many as she can. I so appreciate your sweet compliments! These are a few of our favorites that I finally printed and hung up at home. ❤ I also greatly appreciate your compliments on my dress! I felt like my idol, Lucille Ball. I looked over at your engagement and wedding posts, and gosh your were stunning! It all looked like a magical day. We did a sand ceremony too. 🙂 We use Kroger's Natural PB! It's so drippy and perfect. Haha I love that you still rock your Uggs! Matt gave me the idea on the beet liquid, and now I'm planning on making them again soon for both the beets and to use the liquid again!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, of course!! And she seriously did an amazing job. I loved your photos to begin with, but these are spectacular!!! and aw thank you so much. Do you have your sand vase somewhere?! We didn’t know what to do with it so we have it as decor in one of our rooms haha. AHHH I wonder if they have Krogers around Cali?! I think?! It looks so tasty and I love how drippy it is!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks so much! We bought a floating shelf (I believe that’s what it’s called) from Target & have our sand vase on display in our room! I dried my bouquet & my bridesmaid’s bouquet, & I have each of those in a jar on either side. We framed the vows we wrote, our invitation, & our marriage certificate. I couldn’t help myself & wanted to see them when we woke up every day. I hope they do carry this pb; it’s so inexpensive but the best we’ve had!

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