Matt’s Birthday Weekend!

This past weekend was so amazing! Matt turned 34 on Saturday, and while very hot, the weather was still perfect. I was very thankful he could have such a nice weekend because he more than deserved it.

We started Friyay morning with wilted garlic-seasoned spinach, toasted hash brown patty, cheddar, over easy egg, avocado, marinated artichoke hearts, and a cutie. Matt had double portions. πŸ˜‰ All three kitties!


The theme of their weekend was cuddles. ❀


I had gone by Old Navy on Thursday and found some cute clothes. Wore my new fun pixie pants and loved the style and fit!


Mason was given the nickname Pookie Bear from Garfield years ago, and it’s been shortened to Pooks. We’ve dubbed his scrunchy nose the ‘Pooks nose’, and when Matt saw this bridal shot of me, that’s what he thought. So I finally did a comparison. Really, who rocked it better? hahaha


I treated myself to a mani and pedi after work, and oh my word it felt awesome.


For dinner, I cooked a free box of Annie’s GF mac ‘n cheese and tossed it with Tandur bbq spiced roasted cauliflower + onion, wilted greens, cannellini beans, and parmesan. It was awesome! It’s now our lunch today.


Dessert was Fage with vanilla, pb, banana, blueberries, salted roasted pumpkin seeds, and pecans.


A little collage of Matt and me over the years to celebrate his birthday. πŸ™‚ We went back and visited the gall, growth on the tree in the top right photo, and there’s a current photo later in this post. πŸ˜‰


More sunny snuggles.


I made Kylie’s baked carrot oatmeal again, and it was delicious.


Served with blueberries and sunflower seeds.


Rocked my new Old Navy athletic top and linen shorts. The top opens in the back, and I love it.


We had to get our photo together out front!


We had wanted to try Veloce indoor go kart raceway, but it didn’t work out. Fortunately, the weather was so nice that it would’ve been a shame to stay indoors. We went over to the UT Arboretum, and before starting our hike through the trails, we saw this sweet kitty. It was so playful, and then it caught something in the bushes right after I snapped this photo. The little animal did get away, though.


The gall has a lot of vines growing around it, so we couldn’t get closer for the same photo, but here it is! We always have to get a photo – it’s like an ongoing tradition. Lol


This poor butterfly had passed away, but it was still beautiful. They are amazing creatures.


So gorgeous.


We decided to finally try Babalu for lunch, and it did not disappoint! They actually named the restaurant after the fictitious nightclub in ‘I Love Lucy’, and they project the show on the walls inside!


We ordered two tapas to split: the salmon and the redfish. Both were excellent.

Matt ordered their steak and pulled pork tacos.


I chose their duck and vegetarian tacos.


Lastly, we split the shrimp taco. Perfectly filling without being overly rich.


I got a video but not a photo of this lit. Our sweet waitress brought it out for Matt’s birthday! It was a sparkler. She said she had Matt for 22 or 23, not 34. We’ll keep our baby faces for as long as possible!


They had this neat mouthwash station in the restroom – genius!


❀ ❀

Our basil seeds have sprouted! There are actually three this morning!


I opened up this wine from AldiΒ to make his birthday dinner.


Tandur bbq spiced roasted pork tenderloin topped with a mushroom wine reduction. Roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes and zucchini.


I surprised Matt with a yellow cake topped with Yum Butter espresso cocoa peanut butter + more sparkler candles. The base was from the two-tier appetizer stand one of my best friends gave to us at our wedding. She was amazing and had several delicious cheeses and pretty flowers arranged on it as a surprise to us with a sweet message on the bottom of this base. I used temporary chalk pen to write to Matt that washed off later.


We enjoyed our slices with banana + milk for me. I think Matt was pleasantly surprised. πŸ™‚


For Sunday’s breakfast, Matt made an epic ham, egg, cheese, avocado, greens English muffin.


I had banana whipped oatmeal with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and pb.


Love them!


Her tongue was sticking out! ❀


I had a Clif bar earlier and then a light snack plate before meeting up with Kaci and Drew to help with their engagement shoot! I kept Axl, my pup-nephew calm and out of the frame when it was to just be the two of them. They had their session at Knoxville’s Botanical Garden and Arboretum. It looks like a dream there!


My sister could not be any prettier. I know our mama would be so proud. Her and Drew looked amazing, and we’re all excited to see the photos! Drew was sweet and treated us to dinner from Stock and Barrel. I chose the bison burger. Holy deliciousness.


If only the weekend didn’t have to come to an end. Sigh. I hope everyone has a great week!


4 thoughts on “Matt’s Birthday Weekend!

  1. I’ve been loving pixie pants lately- especially with having to transition to more professional clothes. That pattern on yours is adorable! I just love your fur babies- and YUM that carrot oatmeal looks to die for. That restaurant looks super tasty and also fun too! UMMMMM they need to install those mouthwash stations into EVERY bathroom ever. That is fantastic. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Thank you for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re the best for being stylish but professional! Thank you! I figured I might as well choose a crazy pattern for fun. πŸ˜‰ Aww thank you! We love our four-legged babies so much. I thought the same thing! Mouthwash stations should be mandatory.

      Liked by 1 person

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