An Engagement Party + the Sun & Warmth Returned!

This weekend was really strange because the weather took a bad turn with cold temperatures and rain. But thankfully, the sun came back out late Saturday and all day Sunday.

To back track to Friday, we had a nice breakfast before Matt left for a race weekend at VIR. I couldn’t go because I was attending Kaci and Drew’s engagement party on Saturday. We forgot to pack so. many. things. Fail, but we’ll get it down eventually!


Jackson exuded all that I felt too!


I’ve been craving a croissant, so I had lunch at Panera Bread. I got a chai latte to go for a sweet-spicy warmth. I’m telling you, the weather sucked.


Dinner was a warmed pork tenderloin sandwich with veg and hummus.


This is what I woke up to (later in the morning after feeding them and going back to sleep). Such sweeties!


On Friday evening I cooked the farro that we received in a Blue Apron order last year. I ate half of it warmed with milk, banana, chia, roasted pumpkin seeds, pb, and dark brown sugar.


I couldn’t help myself and watched some of our wedding video. ❤


Mace snoozed on the couch.


Lunch was a snack plate with this hummus-chicken cup I found at Aldi.


Mango and granola for dessert. I cut into the mango early, so it wasn’t ripe enough. Whoops.


I still wore my spring dress to their engagement party because I’m stubborn. Lolz. I later changed earrings at Kaci’s. She let me borrow a cuter pair. 😉


I had a fruit and yogurt parfait while she finished getting ready.


All the while Matt was busy winning one of his races! The two other drivers in his class didn’t finish the race, so he feels like he only won by default. In order to win, one must finish, and the other two didn’t. I’m still super proud! Look at him being cute and handsome on the podium. 🙂


Love my twinklet! I love that we coordinated outfits too.


The sweet couple.


Kaci’s future SIL, MIL, Kaci, and me trying to look comfortable as we froze. Thanks, Mother Nature. Such a fun group of ladies!


Appetizer that I went back for seconds. It was an asparagus roll of some sort, and it was delicious.


The nice spread.


Pretty China.


My noms.


The dessert tray.


A cute coffee corner!


I had to try one of each…for quality control purposes. 😉


I used the rest of the farro on Sunday to make a savory bowl with spinach, spices, Havarti, and a scrambled egg.


Plus mango with local honey on the side.


Finally it was a pretty day! Still chilly at times, but pretty.


I can’t even handle Axl’s cuteness! That bowtie.


Jax and Axl stand so similarly!


Axl had to wear his bowtie because he, Kaci, and Drew met me at the south location of Honeybee for coffee and brunch. The husband of one of Kaci’s friends is studying in culinary school and is doing this pop-up brunch on Sundays. It was delicious! Fluffy waffles with cayenne-spiced maple syrup and a latte for me.


Kaci got the pork waffles.


Drew got the bananas foster. All were perfect.


I loved this artwork in their bathroom!


Honeybee also makes in-house donuts, one of which is savory. I’ll be trying one soon!


Courtney is between us, and it’s her husband who is studying in culinary school. His pop-up company is called Simpl.


We later went by the dog park. Do you think this guy had fun? He was such a tired pup when we got into the car!


I did a little bit of light reading before eating dinner.


I made a simple salad so my stomach could digest before yoga.


A grainy pre-class bathroom selfie. 😉


The class was an awesome restorative yoga routine that I loved. I had a snack, showered, and waited for Matt to finally get home. I hope you all have had a great Monday and weeks so far!

2 thoughts on “An Engagement Party + the Sun & Warmth Returned!

  1. Hey Kori,

    We’ve been racing for 42 years and still work from a check list for each and every race….always! Check it off when it gets packed/loaded. I certainly encourage you to try that.

    And, congrats to Matt on his first win!


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