Carbs + Cats

This weekend turned out to be heavy on self-care, which I greatly appreciated and needed. It actually began on Thursday with a pedicure thanks to one of my clinic managers! She treated all of her staff to one as thanks for Nurse’s Week. Despite not being a nurse, she didn’t leave me or the social worker out of the fun.  🙂

Breakfast was basically overnight oats but assembled in the morning…so morning oats. haha


I wore my new “party pants” that I ordered from Boden. Love them!


After getting a much needed haircut, I made a Target run and found these salads. We each had one for dinner plus an appetizer plate of sorts.


Then we took the babies outside for some fresh air. Jackson is getting so brave!


Dessert that includes chocolate is always the best.


For breakfast on Saturday, I kept it on the lighter side because I was meeting up with Kaci, Drew, and Cindy for International Biscuit Festival downtown!


Biscuit Blvd for the day.


We had to get a photo with Ms. Biscuit. 😉


With your ticket, you received five biscuits of your choice. I tried the West Egg, which was excellent. I loved the cornmeal! Kaci and Drew enjoyed The Tennessean’s ‘Pigs Can Fly’ biscuit.

It was hard to choose a favorite between OliBea’s, which included chorizo gravy, and Tupelo Honey, which had pulled pork and onion marmalade.

An awesome crew! (I kinda made a pun with my shirt and didn’t mean to. lol)


Drew had Swaggerty’s sausage biscuit, one that included beef, and another that had sausage with some type of spread and herbs.

The line forthe chocolate toffee went around the building, so unfortunately I couldn’t try it. But they won the contest!

I loved the Murray’s that had two types of cheese.

After going home to change, I went back downtown for another round of kitten yoga! This time it was held at Barre Belle studio, and Young Williams again brought four sweet kittens up for adoption.


One’s day cannot turn sour after biscuits and kitty cuddles. Once home again, I ate this snack plate that included a Garden Lite vegetable egg muffin.


Baby Girl just loves her man.


For dinner, I made lemon and Indian spiced baked chicken over garlic and olive oil quinoa, steamed green beans, and a salad.


Dessert was part of a large gala apple, yogurt, nuts, cinnamon, and coconut.


I saved some of my biscuits and had them with cheesy fluffy scrambled eggs, wilted spinach, cherries, and coffee on Sunday morning.


I treated myself to a 90-min. massage at Wow! Massage, and it was very enjoyable and helped me to relax. I made yet another Target run then came home to finish some chores and go on a long walk. Magnolias have always been one of my favorites.


I made us spaghetti with Banza chickpea pasta and a nice salad on the side. It hit the spot for both of us!


Last night’s sunset looked like cotton candy. So pretty!

I snagged Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter with a cartwheel coupon, so I had it on one slice of toast with banana / melted provolone with avocado on the other.


Matt went a bit more fancy.


Today I’m sporting my new “Rachel” dress by Boden. Bringing some brightness to an otherwise dreary Monday.


Hope everyone had a great weekend and is off to a great start!


8 thoughts on “Carbs + Cats

  1. GIRLLL. Those pants are killer. SO cute. I’ve seen those nourish bowls and have been curious about them. Do you think they’re worth the price?!

    BAHAH. You know I’m dying about your shirt pun. Too funny. That biscuit festival looked like a dream. Yuuuuhm. All the eats on this post were yum. Wait, alllll your eats are yum! I love um. I always get the best ideas. Hope you are having a good start to the weekend, Kori!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love these pants. I think the bowls are good when they are on sale but maybe not for full price.

      Couldn’t resist with my pun. I’m glad we have a mutual appreciation for them!

      Unfortunately, our weekend hasn’t started off well. I took Mason back to the vets, & after a trip to the Animal ER & several tests, they determined he has lymphoma in his liver. They placed a feeding tube & started his first round of chemo yesterday. We are in shock. He’s 7 years young, & we never in a million years expected this. They can’t give much on life expectancy, but at most I’ve heard 18 months. We’re hoping for a miracle. Any prayers or well wishes would be much appreciated for him. We’re hoping we can bring him home really soon. It’s been a nightmare.


      1. Oh my gooodness 😦 What?! I am SOO sorry to hear this. What is the most recent update?! Wow.. this breaks my heart to absolute pieces. Prayers and love your way. I am praying for that miracle for him too. I wish I could give you such a big hug right now ❤


        1. Thank you so very much! He’s such a fughter. He’s been so much more like himself & is trying to eat. My twin sister, who is also their other momma, is staying this week to tag team meds & tube feeding. We won’t give up in our sweet boy!

          Liked by 1 person

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