A Hello Fresh Review

A few weeks ago, Drew gave Kaci a coupon to use Hello Fresh. She in turn gave me a coupon. We received three meals, and I made our first yesterday evening. Kaci did give us one of hers last week because she had just cooked salmon and received a salmon meal. It was tasty, but I over-seasoned the fish. Cook’s error. 😉


I chose to make the pork, eggplant, and yellow squash stir-fry. Here were the ingredients individually bagged for this dish. One plus over Blue Apron is that they note gluten free on their recipes, although they do not specifically cater to certain dietary needs. Even with this being listed as such, I did not use the soy sauce provided because no where did it state it was wheat free. So I used our tamari.


Kaci came over, and we chatted for so long that I did not have time to make the brown rice that came with the meal as it would’ve taken 35-45 minutes. Whoops. So instead, I used a 90-second pouch of brown rice. Also, I decided to warm an Asian frozen vegetable medley to stretch the meal from two very generous servings to four that suited our hunger levels. This worked for us, but you do whatever works for you!


I apologize for the poorly lit photo, but it was getting fairly late. Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal but added dried pepper spice blend for more heat. I’m going to breakdown our thoughts into a few categories using a ranking system, 1 being poor to 10 being excellent.

Creativity: 5 – While the dish was enjoyable, it was not very creative. It seemed like a standard stir-fry.

Ease of preparation: 10 – Chop, sauté, add flavors, voila.

Quality: 8 – The ingredients looked good, but the eggplant was just a tad tough and wrinkly on one side. Not a big deal, but I just noticed this.

Price: 4 – Considering we used a coupon and added additional vegetables that gave us more servings, this would be ranked higher. But looking at it from the full-price standpoint with no additional ingredients and eaten as a two-person meal, this is way too expensive.

Conclusion: If you’re looking to jazz up your meals at home, get ahold of a coupon and give Hello Fresh a try! If you already cook quite a bit and feel you are managing your food budget, then this may be too costly. But the good news is you can skip however many weeks you want and just order when needed. For instance, you have family or friends coming over, so you could place an order, make a few meals, and everyone could try some of each. Maybe there’s a special event that calls for a nice dish. Hello Fresh could help with this. But on a regular basis, this just doesn’t fit our budget.

I hope this has been somewhat helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts on any meal service company you have tried! I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

4 thoughts on “A Hello Fresh Review

  1. I felt the exact same way about Hello Fresh! I felt like the meals were very “run of the mill”. Good for the one time fix, but not for full price. Have you tried Blue Apron? That’s my favorite- especially when we have company!

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    1. We have tried Blue Apron, & I do believe they offer some more unique meals! They are really fun to make. We just can’t afford full price right now, but if we did it for special occasions or company, that would be fun! 😃

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      1. YESS! I never use it unless there is a coupon! I actually am an affiliate with them, although I’m slacking big time on that end. I will let you know when they are having promos though!! ❤

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